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Exploring the DNA of Christian Spoken Word Artist, Janette...ikz

God's annointing is definitely flowing all over Christian spoken word artist, Janette...ikz!  I had the distinct pleasure of catching up with this young lady to learn more about the woman behind this incredible gift.  If you haven't seen it by now, please check out her poem, "I Will Wait for You".  Whether you agree or disagree, Janette...ikz is just excited that the seed has been planted by hearing the words of this incredible piece.

Leading up to the interview, I got more and more nervous, but in the end everything was better than I could have imagined.  Janette...ikz has the most humble servant's heart and she is a total sweetheart.  So let's hop to it and learn more about the woman behind the words of "I Will Wait for You," "HypoChristian", and "The Truth Without Photoshop".

About Janette...ikz
Janette...ikz is a young lady full of humility, and wants to be kept there.  She wants to remain available for whatever God wants to do with her, and she loves being in touch with God's people.  She currently serves as a Worship Leader at her church, and is passionate about living her life in a way that is inspiring to others.  Things were not always this good in her life.  As a young child Janette...ikz suffered through severe physical punishment that kept her out of school for weeks at a time and sexual abuse at the hands of her father and uncle.  She cried and prayed herself to sleep many nights, but through it all, she relied on God even at her young age.  These encounters haunted her up to young adulthood until she was able to fully give it to God and move forward.   There were happy times as well; developing a close knit relationship with her grandmother, putting on elaborate skits with her cousins, and reciting Bible verses were all a part of her childhood.

Where does the name MissTerious Janette...ikz come from?
Janette...ikz was born 32 years ago as Janette McGhee, and comes from a long lineage of artists, intercessors, and prayer warriors.  She explained that everyone in her family is gifted in the arts.  All the way back to her great-grandfather who was a musician.  Her mom is a great teacher of God's Word, and her grandmother is a strong woman of God.  As a child, her grandmother would be on her knees praying well before any of the kids were up and getting ready for school, and at the leading of the Holy Spirit, she would wake them up at 3 a.m. to annoint them with oil.  The MissTerious portion of her name comes from the fact that some people just don't get her, and never will.  Janette...ikz feels that she has the kind of "X-factor" that only God can understand.

What advice would you give to someone who has been walking down a destructive path and wants to turn it around and live 100% for Christ?
"Take assessment  of who you are and what you like.  Understand how short lived things are, i.e. sex, drugs, and money.  Christ is the only thing that is everlasting.  You can never be satisfied with something that wasn't meant to complete you.  Only God can complete you!  Ask God to show you who you are and what you're about.  The Word needs to become your best friend."

What is the back-story behind the poem, "I Will Wait for You"?
This poem actually started as a mere journal entry, and has exploded into a YouTube phenom.  Celebrities like Chrisette Michelle are even tweeting about this piece.  Janette...ikz never expected for it to blow up like it has.  Matter of fact, she is so humble, that she doesn't keep track of the numbers and accolades, she's just excited that God has used this poem to inspire many women....and men!  Being the first of 15 grandchildren and having such a close relationship with her Grandmother, the pressure is/was on for Janette...ikz to find someone special, but she refuses to settle and her attitude ended up breathing life to a generation who needs to understand the sanctity of marriage and waiting to have sex.  She says that she'd rather be single than settle.  She finished the poem two days before a big performance, and she previewed it for some of her friends, and she received mixed reviews; some of her friends were not feeling the piece.  She started to go in and change and alter some things, when God said, "I gave it to you how it is now."  So, she let it be, and gave a very nervous yet outstanding delivery.

Have you found the man that "reminds you of Solomon's wisdom" when he speaks?
"I'm still super single!"  A description some of her old friends have used to describe her.  Janette...ikz also stresses the importance of not even entertaining a relationship that God hasn't spoken about first.  Her future man will definitely have to be "molded by the hands of God".  She explains that she's even a lot for her own self, so she could only imagine how she would be in a relationship.

What inspires you to write and perform?

"Life!"  she says.  Janette...ikz is inspired by the simple and the crazy, people who defy the odds and break molds.  She mentioned that she inspired by people who strive for more in adverse situations.  For instance, the dancer with a little meat on her bones, or single fathers, and single mothers.  Janette...ikz strives to do everything at a caliber of excellence to combat other influences of the world.  She never wants her work to be corny.

What projects are you currently working on?  What do you have in store for the future?
Janette...ikz is wrapping up her first album, which should be ready soon.  There will only be two poems on the album, and the song "Misfit" will be available on I-Tunes shortly.  Her most famous poem, "I Will Wait for You" will also be available on I-Tunes.  As for the future, Janette...ikz says, "...I try not to plan too far out into the future.  I always want to be open to be led by God."

What do you like to do for fun?
Listening to live music is one of Janette...ikz's favorite things to do when she's not jetsetting around the globe.  She also enjoys river rafting, the outdoors, camping, and anything she's never done before.  Since she has such a busy schedule, one of the most fun things to do is lounge around and watch movies.  Her favorite thing to cook is lamb, and she enjoys eating her best friend's soul food and her grandmother's New Orleans style cuisine.


  1. This interview was refreshing! It was great to hear her heart and her dedication to follow God whereever He may lead. I pray that she is able to reach a generation that is desperately seeking and in so much pain. Amen!

  2. Amen! God knows this generation needs some help.

  3. She is beautiful inside and out! Thanks for introducing me to Janette. i will definitely be checking her out some more!

  4. Definitely check her out Mrs. Pancakes. I can't wait until her album drops.

  5. she is a blessing to our generation


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