Thursday, July 14, 2011

What You Need to Stay Married

Today is my four-year wedding anniversary.  As I look over the last four years and the years leading up to our marriage; I am so thankful for God's hand all over us, even when we didn't have sense enough to be obedient and follow His leading.  I mean, I can't even tell you how much grace He has given us.

As I think about my husband, I just want to be a good steward, because outside of my salvation, he is God's greatest gift to me.  In a time where the world has a completely different view of marriage, I feel so blessed to have found true love eventhough I didn't know how.

I look back on our wedding and wedding planning, and I tried to plan a bang up event complete with awesome food, fun, beautiful bride.  With all of my planning, I still can't truthfully say that I had the best wedding, or that I was the most beautiful bride, or that my wedding was so fun that people didn't want to leave.  What I can say is that, the Spirit showed up at my wedding.  He was our guest of highest esteem, and everyone could feel His presence, and He taught me something.....God will honor every covenant and promise that is founded in Him and that He is invited to be a part of.  In all of our rushing around to plan the most spectacular event, I'm so glad that we didn't forget to invite Him!

Below you will find marriage advice from some extraordinary Christian couples!  Enjoy!

  • Keep an open heart
  • Pray together as a family
  • Listen and be interested

The words I still remember and rely on until this day came from Pastor Randy.  He told us to always be eager to believe the best (about each other) and true joy comes when we put God first, each other second, and ourselves last.  So often things come off the wrong way, and we have to be eager to believe our spouse has the best intentions.  This concept was/is huge for me!

Noah & Cara, Married 3 Years
Never go to bed angry!

Ron & Kenyana, Married 9 Months
  • Communicate and intentionally make each other a priority
  • Invest in one another daily and enjoy it
  • Care for each other according to Ephesians 5:21-33 (Instructions for Christian Households)

Jonathan & Sharion, Married 8 Years
Jonathan- Always develop an environment for trust with your partner so that you can achieve a new level of intimacy, which will help you to align your goals and work together as a team to take on everything life may throw your way

Sharion- God alone is the source of true joy; it is not your spouses job!  Make God the center of your marriage.

Reggie & Roshonda, Married 6.5 Months and Counting

  • Keep God first! (Matthew 22:37)
  • One key to a strong marriage is to have one based on faith and not on performance.
  • Mirror God's image and continue to show love to one another like Christ has agape love for us.
  • Trusting in God and his word will win every time! (Phillipians 4:11)

Michael & Sherry, Married 9 Years
Sherry- Focus on being the virtuous woman God created me to be (Proverbs 31)

Lamont & Micah, Married 8 Years
  • Do not nag and complain about everything, choose your battles
  • You can't change anyone

Uncle John (deceased) & Auntie Pat, Married 40+ Years
  • Be grateful for each day and let the love of God shine through
  • You are forever bound together as one

Please share your marriage advice and how long you've been married in the comments section below.


  1. Happy anniversary TiAnna and LaMar! I remember that blessed day and how beautiful the ceremony was!

    Micah Edwards

  2. Congrats on your 4 year wedding anniversary! This is such a lovely post, because the sanctity of marriage is taken for granted these days, especially with young couples.

    My husband and I will be celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary in August. Our best advice is to always tell each other you love them regularly because you never know what could happen. Also, never go to bed angry!

  3. @Style Journey- Thanks! I can definitely follow that advice. I say it probably 3 times a day!

  4. Congratulations on your anniverssary!- My husband and I will be celebrating 23 years come July 30. My best advice is:

    Don't be selfish- try to do something for your spouse every day(no matter how small) that communicates your love for them.

    If you are mad at them, pray first before having a talk with them if you must do so- God has a way of giving you a better choice of words that are spoken in haste and later regretted

    Don't make mountains out of molehills- Choose your battles carefully, don't argue for the sake of arguing. If you are out of sorts, let them know you aren't in a good frame of mind to talk things out right now. And never belittle each other, ever- period.

    Accept your spouse for who they are- Don't try to change them into what you think they should be. If there is a real problem, take it to the Lord. If He sees the need for them to change, He has his way. But interfering and trying to force them to be something they never will be is not a good idea...

    God bless all those who are married and may you have many more years together happily!

  5. Wow, Uneekdolldesigns! That is all awesome advice. I guess you don't get 23 yrs down the road without learning somethings, though. Thanks!!

  6. @uneekdolldesigns- Great advice! I'm to the point now where I don't point out my husband's flaws anymore, unless he asks. I just try to step my game up in the areas that I want him to improve in and I pray for him in those areas and ask God to mold him and continue to mold me. I never knew it was "molehill," I thought it was "moehile". I'm country! LOL!


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