Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Four Reasons Why I HATE Dislike My Hair

So, I'm 19 lbs. over my goal weight, I don't have any cute summer clothes that fit, and a whole laundry list of other things.  Every 2-3 months, I seem to hit a very high emotional wall....and I'm at that point now. Everything just seems to be out of order and not right, but when I go to figure out what's bothering me, I come up with nothing at all or nothing that amounts to more than a hill of beans.

This is supposed to be a bantu knot out, but it looks more like a fluffy afro, which is not the look I was going for.  Here's what a bantu knot out really looks like.  As you can see, I really really missed the mark.

Since I'm on the rampage already, I'll tell you what I hate about my hair.  Momma always told me to never say you "hate" something, but it's one of those days.

1.  Shrinkage!  This is supposed to be stretched-out hair, but as you can see, it's still not completely stretched out.  When I wet my hair, it shrinks up to about 40% of it's actual length.  I never get a feel for how long my hair really is or how much it's grown.

2.  Easily damaged.  Tell me why after 9.5 months of taking the best possible care of my hair, my ends feel crunchy.  This leads me to only one solution, they need to be trimmed, and of course it's a process trying to find a competent stylist that knows how to trim kinky curly hair without chopping it off.

3.  No guarantees!  Sure, I've been using the same products, same techniques, and same styles, but due to hair growth and weather, there's no guarantee that my hair will turn out the same way each time.  Now that my hair is longer, my wash-n-go's look like a crunchy chia pet.  Can you say ch-ch-ch-CHIA!

4.  Getting the side-eye.  All my life I had to fight!  LOL!  JK!  But seriously, I'm tired of getting the "She think she cute!" side-eye from women.  I think it's because my hair makes me stand out now, but I digress.  I'm also sick of the look that says, "She shouldn't have cut her hair!  She looks crazy!"

Anywho, I'm going to get off my soapbox and get some where and go pray for a better mood and a better hair day tomorrow.

Do you have a love hate relationship with your hair?  How do you fix a bad hair day?


  1. Love this post and the title totally describes my relationship with my hair on many days. I typically try to combat the bad-hair-day blues with pretty makeup and fashion. It distracts me, even if everyone else still only notices my hair.

  2. I know! I made sure to do my make-up and put on some earrings.

  3. Well for me personally, I definitely agree on the you work so hard to take care of your hair and you don't see growth. Ugh shrinkage+breakage is so annoying. I had a friend who big chopped recently and she's already seeing major growth. Are you kidding me? Genetics can be really annoying sometimes. Her hair is also very thick and doesn't break as easily as my own. So it's like I'm working super hard, and she's barely doing anything at all and her hair is longer than mine. Ty very much genetics lol. But I still adore my hair. I know that when it gets longer it will be gorgeous. I mean it is already gorgeous, but I like to keep it protected so I don't get the fun out of my hair like some people. I used to do more to it in the winter when I big chopped but now I just really want to protect it.

  4. @Thea- I LOVE protective styles! I just want my hair to get a little longer, because I don't like the way small twists look on me. I would get french braids, but I feel a little too old for that. I try not to compare my hair to others too much, but sometimes when I get in a rut, I'll start to do that. Stay strong Thea! We can do it!


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