Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Why Blog?

If you read or write a blog or two, why do you do it?  (This is SO not a rhetorical question!)

For me, this blog journey formally started about 10 months ago, however, I think it really started 18 years ago before there was ever a such thing as blogging.

I've always enjoyed writing.  Matter of fact, I should dig up some of my very first poems and stories for you guys.  From the time I was 11 years old, I said that I would be a writer.  Somehow I got older and decided that I couldn't make money as a writer or that the field was too hard to break into and be successful, so I went a different route, only to find myself back where I started.  I chose a path that made more sense to me and everyone around me.  Seriously!  Who writes for a living?

I get an unbelievable amount of joy out of reading the different things TrentMan writes.  He started writing way earlier than I ever did, and it started out with little love notes and now has progressed into full blown super hero stories.  His mind is so fresh, new, and creative.  His unspoiled talent really gives me motivation to really pursue my dreams.

So, back to my original question...Why blog?  For me, this blog is a direct intersection of my natural talent and passion for writing and my supernatural spiritual gifts of exhortation, faith, and intercession (I Corinthians 12:7-11).  For whatever reason, God wired me to enjoy writing PERIOD  When I accepted Him as my Saviour and His Holy Spirit came to live inside of me, He began to give me spiritual gifts that He is working through me to produce.  So, when I go to pray with/for someone, or I give an encouraging word, or believe like you've never seen anyone believe....it is not me that you see, but Him working through me.

Why do you blog or what led you to follow your current path?


  1. I've always been an avid reader/writer, starting in the womb. My mom read to me daily while I was baking inside her and I haven't stopped the habit.

    People always said that I was good at it and they enjoyed my pieces, so I've always written short stories/poems/magazine pieces and pursued a degree in journalism/creative writing because it was my skillset.

    I blog because it involves writing and makeup, which I love dearly and apparently people like what I have to say lol, so I'll keep at it! It's fun, relaxing, and a way to share what I love.

    Been writing on a book, i need to stop procrastinating and see it to fruition. Not really scared of criticism, which is a good thing as a writer, just don't always have the drive/inspiration to get the story out.

  2. I think blogging is a method of catharsis for me. I asked my mom what she thought, since I don't want to go back to engineering and I'm researching new career paths, she said that every idea you come up with is from God....its an idea that could lead to something else. So, I'm hoping my blogging will introduce me to some new things/people/career. Not writing, but photography or marketing or who knows. I'm still figuring it out and keep praying about it so that when my 2nd starts walking, I can go straight to that instead of back to engr. :-/

  3. I blog to meet other writers, have fun, and encourage the faint-hearted. It is also a great way to advertise my speaking and editing services! Yes, you can make a living writing, and you are young enough to have many opportunities ahead of you!


  4. @socialitedreams- You need to get on that book! That's one of my goals as well.

    @Love&Tangles- I've really enjoyed meeting new people and seeing how what I write really uplifts them.

    @Jen- I pray it is the case that I can get many opps to get my stuff out there. Sometimes it's hard to figure out what should be the next step or even finding the time to write quality stuff can be challenging.


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