Monday, November 14, 2011

Teeny Bopper Store

Okay, I don't know about ya'll, but at my age and place in life, I definitely think there are certain styles and stores, that are not for me.  Have you seen the knee-high Chuck Taylor's????  Uh yeah, not for me!

Jersey dresses???  Definitely a no.

Long gone are the days where pajama pants were worn as real pants, and I dared someone to say something about it!  This is why I was so super shocked when I walked in Aeropostale to buy clothes for my 16-year-old niece, but I actually found things I would wear too, and at the right price!

Let me take a minute to talk about how you even pronounce the name of this store.

My mom says: Air-o-postal
I say- Air-o-po-stall

Whatever, tomato/tamato!  It's just funny to me!

A few weeks ago, I bought my niece some cute shirts, camis, jeans, and sweaters and I was given a $10 coupon to come back and shop some more.  That's really all it takes to hook me; I will find something!

I originally wanted this sweater, but they only had it in black and white, instead of this fabulous red and white version.  So I passed.

Then I saw this!  Which is definitely just my style, I've been saying that I need more cardigans, and it would've only been about $3 after my coupon.

The hubsters and TrentMan finally helped me decide on this plaid, very trendy button up.  When I first saw it, I thought, "Cute....but too trendy and teeny bopper like.  Will I be wearing this even 2 years down the road???"  In the end, I love it!  I just may have to stop in Aero a little more often!

What trends or stores do you find yourself shopping in that are usually unlike you???


  1. honestly i haven't been shopping in a while. i LOVE your hair!!! the plaid shirt is so cute...the men have good taste too!

  2. I like the outfit but I LOVE your hair! It has grown so much and looks very healthy! Overall great look! Girl, I have not shopped in sooo long and you remember how I used to be. Guess the tides are turning!

  3. I like it--it IS you, at least it makes you shine in the photo!

    I like the new ruffled sweaters, although I'm not usually a ruffly person.

  4. Love the outfit! Secretely swooning over the belt! Currently I'm trying to mix and match follower by way of the foley family.


  5. Love your hair and the outfit!! I don't think I have heard of that store though...guess I have been out of the US too long.


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