Thursday, November 17, 2011

Just Fabulous Debacle

I'm not much of a shopper.  I've got better things to do with my time and money like: go on a tropical vacation, fine dining, going to shows, and helping others in need.  However, I do like to web browse at various online retail sites, just to see what's out there and how much it costs.  I like to at least be aware of what's on trend.

One day I stumbled across Kimora Lee's latest project, Just Fabulous.  I thought, "What a genius idea!  The most fashionable shoes, boots, purses and jewelry for only $39.95."  This price point is still a little high for me, but I could see how it would be just right for the modern day fashionista.  I was so compelled by the business model, that I went ahead and signed up and took a fashion quiz so that they could recommend certain styles according to my taste, and I logged off the site and went about my day.

A few days later, I got an e-mail saying that I could get anything on the site for only $19.95, no tax and no shipping fees.  I couldn't pass up a deal this great, and would help me update my look and it would help me to look halfway trendy.  I really don't like buying shoes that I can't try on, touch, and see, so I opted to get a purse (pictured below).

I mean it's cute, but definitely NOT the quality I was expecting, but it was only $20.  So, I went about my life as usual, when several months later there's a $39.95 charge on my account from Just Fabulous.  I'm like, either the hubster's has purchased a surprise for me (which is totally out of character) OR someone has stolen my account information, because I knew I didn't make a purchase.  I talk to the hubsters.  No surprise purchase from Just Fabulous.  So, I call the company and the little girl explains that as part of signing up for an account with them and after your first purchase your account is automatically charged the $39.95 if you don't make a purchase and you don't opt out for that month.  Huh!!!???!!  Why didn't I know this??!!??!  What a racket!  A genius racket, but a racket indeed.  I explained to the little girl that I don't even shop enough to justify spending $40 per month with the company.  She explained there was nothing she could do.  So, I was forced to use the credit and pick out something from the site.

I settled on the wedge booties above, because they closely resemble the ones from Nordstrom that I was considering in this post.  However, after reading the very mixed reviews, the quality is not good and the sizing is very off.  I'll have to take pictures on the boots once they arrive, but never again!

Lastly, if you've ever heard of Shoe Dazzle, their business model is pretty much the same as Just Fabulous.

Have you ever been hoodwinked, bamboozled, led astray, or run amuck by an online retailer?


  1. That is awful! That's why it's difficult for me to buy anything online or become a member of something like this. I guess if I really "need" something, I could go and buy it at the store. Sorry you were duped, that is a bummer! Heather

  2. Ooh that's awful...I would raise a stink some more and get my money back...why wouldn't they make the policy clearer if they weren't trying to hoodwink people!! These things make me so mad..Kimora I would expect better!!

  3. Oh no, that's awful, I will certainly try to get my money back, ugh.. So irritating.. Sorry you had to go through that.. Not so FAB at all : ((

  4. I LOVE the way all of you ladies used the word "awful" to describe this experience. Yes, it was. I just don't shop like that, and when I do shop, I either buy really cheap, knowing it's going to fall apart or I try to buy high end at a discount, so I can have it for a while. I don't see these shoes lasting beyond 1 year.

  5. That's horrible! Thanks for the warning!!

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  7. When I made a purchase on Just Fabulous, the terms stated that they would charge my account monthly unless I opted out. I did not like the quality of their stuff. I actually have a few cute pairs of boots from ShoeDazzle. I never felt scammed as both sites were pretty clear on their policies.


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