Sunday, November 13, 2011

eShakti Dress Review

Out of the blue, I was contacted by the wonderful people at eShakti to do a review of an item from their site.  I was so honored, and it was just the boost I needed at the time; I've been so up and down and all around.

They have a wonderful site full of the latest trends in dresses, skirts, outerwear, and more.  Many of the item have a contemporary vintage feel to them too; I know that style is really popular now.  The best part is that they even do custom orders, where you can send in your measurements, change the neck line, length, and more.  I enjoyed browsing through trying to find an item that I would want to review.

I settled on this little black dress because the hubsters and I typically go to at least one or two semi-formal/formal events per year.  I'm a petite, curvy, busty girl, not too big, but not little either; so it can be kind of difficult to find dresses that fit perfectly.

I'm very satisfied with the look of my dress and how it fits.  I like how it covers everything up!

What do you think about this dress?  If you could choose any piece of clothing to add to your wardrobe, what would you choose?


  1. That dress looks absolutley gorgeous on you :) Hope you wear it out some where really nice :) If I could one thing added to my wardrobe at the moment it would be a really nice pair of Biker Boots :)

  2. Thanks Saoirse! Biker Boots!!! Hmmm! You've got me thinking.

  3. You look fantastic! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

  4. Very gorgeous for an evening out! You look so regal TiAnna!

  5. beautiful! Love me a black dress! YOu look amazing in it! So classy! Love your blog and that you use your talents to bring our KING glory!
    Blessings! I am your recent follower/friend in Christ!

  6. Thanks ladies! You are too sweet. I was so exhausted when I took these pictures.

    Thanks Joy N Jesus!!!!

  7. I love that dress! You look so nice in it! ~Susanna


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