Friday, September 2, 2011

Good-Bye Summer, Hello Fall

We only have a little over 100 days left in this year!  Where did the time go??!!??!  I was just telling someone the other day that the older I get, Fall is becoming my favorite season, especially in Illinois.  Fall is so beautiful here: the colors on the trees; the perfect 70-80 degree weather; the way the sun warms your body to make you feel toasty, but not burnt; and I could go on, but you get my drift.

I'm also looking forward to wearing light sweaters, cute boots that I've had for years, thrift store finds.  I'll have to show you guys two outfits that I am itching to wear.  The pieces are a mish mash from the hubster's closet when he was a teenager, a few items one of the pastors at my church gave me, and a few fairly modern pieces.  I know this combo doesn't sound cute, but believe me baby, it is!

I pray you all have a safe and fun Labor Day weekend!  The hubsters is on a three week hiatus from his MBA degree program, so we're about to live it up!  When he goes back at the end of September, he will complete his last quarter of school ever, and then we're really going to live it up!!!!

Summer in the Rearview

God-Daughter's 10th Birthday on our camping/road trip!

We will never forget this!

It's my birthday!  Celebrating the last year of my 20s!!!


Chicago Skyline from our boat cruise.

White Party on a Boat

Bre & PaPa dancing at Lil Maurice's wedding!

Trenton, get over here right now and stop's time for school!

What are you most looking forward to during these last few months of 2011?


  1. You have a great and safe holiday weekend also! Can't believe it's September already either!

  2. @Style Journey- Enjoy your Labor Day weekend! I hope you get the extra day off of work!

    @Marina- Yes it does!!!

  3. Awww...looks like you guys had an awesome summer! the buffalo pictures OMG!

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