Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day

It's almost 11, and I just finished eating breakfast, which is totally unlike me....but it feels so good!  For all my international readers, today in America we are celebrating Labor Day, which was designed to honor more blue collar workers like: factory workers, people in unions, firefighters, police officers, etc.  However, typically everyone gets the day off, unless you work for an organization that needs to run 24 hours.

I'm going to spend the day doing the perfect combo of relaxing and working.  The hubsters and I are still trying to get the house together for our small group which begins this Friday.  I'm so not the type to put on heirs and keep up with the Jones', however, I want people to feel comfortable when they come to our home, and I want to make it a relaxing space for us to focus on God and fellowship.  For me, this simply means that everyone has a place to sit and the house is clean.

Yesterday, we went to the Chicago Jazz Fest, and we had a good time.  I was able to curl up with my Nook on the train ride there, listen to some great artists, like Ira Sullivan, and also it was another opportunity to expose my son to something new and different.  A little sadness settled in as I watched the highschool jazz aritists.  They were SO good!  I was sad because I was thinking back to my young adult years and how artistic and creative I was.  I was great at writing, poetry, I played clarinet, floral arrangements, crafts, etc....and now, most of that creativity is gone!  I feel like I have to fight, scratch, and claw to get any creativity to flow.  I wondered what my life would have become if I had continued with the arts.  Happiness came back, because I decided I would've never met my husband if I started out as an artist, but it's never too late to turn back.

What are your plans today?  Make it a great one!

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  1. Happy Labor Day! A jazz festival sounds like a perfect way to celebrate and relax! Have a great day relaxing and taking it easy :)

    Heather & Kayla


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