Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Curling Up With a Good...NOOK!

Between maintaining my household, spending quality time with my son and the hubsters, volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters, teaching Sunday school, teaching Faith Kids, hosting a small group, running this blog and so much more....I am swamped and I have so many different thoughts running through my head at any given time.

We had decided on our book club pick about five weeks ago, but I had yet to go pick it up.  Of course, the library here didn't have it and I have some fines that I need to clear up; please don't give me the side-eye!  We've all been there.  A few weeks ago, I ventured over to Borders, because I figured they would have it for cheap since they're, dare I say, going out of business.  I'm still very unsettled about that!  I like/ed Borders!  By the way, if you haven't been there since they've announced they're closing, head over, because there are great deals on everything from calendars, journals, baby blankets, CDs, DVDs, etc.  Great Christmas shopping items!  Ok, back on topic....Borders did not have what I was looking for and there was no way for them to look it up.

I promise I was going to somehow get the book in the next two weeks and have it read and digested before my book club meeting, when a good friend and book club partner gifted me a brand new Nook!  Stunned, shocked, and amazed do not begin to uncover the emotions I felt when I unwrapped the thick green and white wrapping paper.  Who really goes out of their way to make other people feel special anymore?  I was/am stoked, although I have been avoiding e-readers like the plague up until this point.

I tend to fight technology, because I just don't know when we'll be satisfied.  I'm also very old school in thinking that, the old way was working just fine before "they" came out with the latest widget.  I've resisted CDs and CD players, DVD players, cell phones, smart phones, flat screens.....I just don't get the point; I guess I'm easily content.

Having this Nook has allowed me to read way faster than before; you didn't know fast reading is one of the powers you get with an e-reader???  I've read over 200 pages in three days time, which is highly unusual for me.  Getting free books, also tickles my socks off (I'm a nerd.  I already know)!  I don't care what it is!  If it's free, I'm downloading it!  So far, I'm in love, but I wonder if I'll miss the pursuit of the book, which is one thing that turned me off about e-readers.

The journey of going to the bookstore or library and being part of a community of book worms, intellectuals, and learned folks.  Searching the card catalog (yes, I said it) or walking up and down aisle after aisle, not quite searching for anything in particular but just excited about being surrounded by books.  Will I miss the dank rustic smell of an old book being cracked open for the first time in ages, and the feeling of rediscovering a great book.  Will I miss thumbing through a book, speed reading and getting the whole jist of the book in about 10 minutes.  I don't know, but for now I'm loving my Nook.

What are your thoughts about e-Readers versus traditional books?


  1. I have fought the electronic book trend also. There is nothing like going to the library and browsing the aisles and finding a great book! But, with that being said, I will probably get one because everyone seems to love there Nooks and what not! Plus, I always forget to turn in my books on time so I get a late fine too!

  2. "I tend to fight technology, because I just don't know when we'll be satisfied. I'm also very old school in thinking that, the old way was working just fine before "they" came out with the latest widget. I've resisted CDs and CD players, DVD players, cell phones, smart phones, flat screens.....I just don't get the point; I guess I'm easily content."

    what are you, 100 years old? lmao, wow TiAnna!

    you already know i loooove my kindle....have read so many books lately, it's amazing. always been a reader but had stopped reading as much. this makes it easy to carry around all over.

  3. i am absolutely in love with my nook. it's so convenient and make it so much easier to read on the go...BUT i am still an avid bookworm so if it is something i want to cherish and feel the pages beneath my fingertips I will opt out for the hard back. nook books are also cheaper so it is easier to get more for your buck! have fun!

  4. @StyleJourney- I detest fines, but I usually always have plenty of them.

    @SocialiteDreams- What can I say? I'm easily content and I don't like change. It is easier to carry a ton of books without your bag weighing a ton.

    @Legally Chocolat- I do love the cost savings too!

  5. Well, I'm sad to say that I really, really dislike e-readers. Even though every one of my friends and family that own one, LOVE it. I'm a stubborn woman, I guess.

    I feel like I'm watching the death of the printed page. I'll probably be that crazy old lady, hording books in her attic like in Fahrenheit 451, waiting for someone to come take them away. Overdramatic? Probably.

    I certainly understand the convenience and affordability of the Kindle and the Nook. And many Nook/Kindle users still love printed books! But I guess I'd rather pay the extra and keep that wonderful book smell and that feeling of peace and contentment I get walking around a bookstore. There's a sense of community about a bookstore that I will miss when it's gone. I was close to tears when our local Borders closed thist last spring. I guess I believe you just can't get that electronically.

  6. Hoarding, not hording. Apparently, the printed page has not taught me to spell.

  7. Arghh I've been resisting the urge to go with an e-reader but I know borders is having an awesome sale on them! Arghh I'm so torn maybe if I go again thos weekend and they have it then it was mine to own:-)

  8. @Elizabeth- I'm with you girl! I'm a hoarder of books as well. Just like music is a memory maker for most people, that's how I am with books. I've even "stolen" books from my already failing school district because I loved the stories and they had so many memories. I'm still torn up about Borders.

    @Mrs. Pancakes- Yeah, I wouldn't have this Nook, if a great friend didn't get it for me.

  9. I love my Nook! I don't really like the ever-changing technology trends, but I don't really fight it. My 97-yr old grandma knows how to use a computer and has an email acct that we help her with. The fact that she keeps us with trends w/o complaining about it (unlike the 50-60 yr olds) keeps it in perspective for me. But, I'll still buy a book if I want it in my collection.


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