Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hi, May I Help You?

If ya'll didn't know, I'm from that city called Kansas City (MISSOURI NOT KANSAS) a.k.a Barbeque Capital of the World!!!  Home to the not so world champion Royals and Chiefs, home to the jheri curl, and also home all the fountains you want.  As you can see, I'm proud of where I'm from.

Tuesday I made some yummy baked barbeque chicken in the oven and we had it for dinner again today, but I needed some more bbq sauce, but didn't have any on the shelves.

Since I'm an improviser by nature, I got to mixing!  What can I say?  I am my mother's child.  I think I've unlocked the world famous Gates BBQ recipe with this one!

I took some:  ketchup
                      Louisiana Hot Sauce
                      Colgin Liquid Smoke
                      black pepper
                      Durkee Kansas City Style Seasoning Salt
                      Rendezvous Famous Seasoning

I'm not much of a measurer (I know that's not a word) but I just add the amount that I think should go in according to how much I want to taste that particular flavor.  For me, I added more liquid smoke and hot sauce and not a lot of seasoning salt.

Anyways, this little homemade bbq sauce was the business!  I'm telling you, it tasted just like Gates; I was back home in just one bite!

What recipes have you concocted on the fly to make up for what you didn't have?


  1. Woot woot! That's my KC holler....anyway, that sounds delicious! I'm gonna have to write that down and try it. Thanks!

  2. Oh, yum and double yum! I admire people who improvise.

  3. Did you ladies happen to see KC on GMA this morning?? They were at the new Kauffman music hall, and talking about KC style jazz.
    @Jeanette- I'm constantly improvising.

  4. I'm not a good improvisor but what you came up with was great!

  5. Yummy....I love this.. Great way to improvise.. : ))

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