Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Facebook Fast

So, um, yeah....I'm fasting from Facebook for 40 days.  I can't remember when I started, but the fast will be complete on November 6.

Most people skip a meal to pray and focus on God during a fast, but I chose Facebook.  I realized that it was draining everything good from me and wasn't giving me enough back....so it had to go.  At least for a while.  Some people eat, shop, exercise, or pray when they're emotional or bored, but I would get on Facebook.  And spend hours a day looking at other people live life, put on fronts, display bad behaviors, and skip through pictures of half naked women trying to sell sneakers???!!??!  Ridiculous!  My time and mind are way too precious.  Don't get me wrong, Facebook has some amazing benefits, especially if you're trying to do any kind of business, which will be my focus when I return to Facebook.

So, I'm just going to break down my reasons for going on a 40 day fast away from Facebook.

1.  Time Drain-  Spending hours on end interacting with the pages of people who I see once a year or less.

2.  Jealousy- I've never been the jealous type, but a few times I've gotten a little snarky when learning of someone's beach vacation, business opportunity, or new baby.  I know that wasn't from God, and like I said, it's not really like me to be jealous of anyone.

3.  Putting a lot in, but not getting anything out- This goes back to the time factor.  For something that I was spending so much time doing, I really wasn't getting anything out of....so what's the point.

4.  No time for the Word- Another time issue!  I found myself complaining that I didn't have time to get in the Word and meditate on it and learn it.  Now, I've replaced the time spent on Facebook doing more important things.

5.  FB as a crutch-  I was using Facebook as my everything...to pass time, entertainment, encouragement, etc.  The only thing I want to need is Jesus.  Not to get all spiritual, but my obsession was getting just that deep.

6.  Negativity and Borderline Pornographic Photos- I grouped these two things together.  There's just some things I don't even want in my mind.  It's just something more the devil can use against me.  I've enjoyed getting away from the negative tirades and nasty pictures of women with barely any clothes.

I will return to Facebook, but prayerfully I've taken the time to develop myself and not put it above everything else.  I want to keep it in its rightful place which is about tenth on the list behind scrubbing toilets.  LOL!  JK!  But you get my drift.

If you've been looking for me on Facebook over the past few weeks....sorry!  You can find me here until November 6th.

How much time do you spend on Facebook?  What things have you given up for God in the past?


  1. Okay, this is off the subject, but I noticed a few posts down that you are reading Sacred Marriage- me too!

    God is really shaping me and teaching me how to serve Him and my husband!

    Okay, now...Facebook. I guess because the people I've friended on Facebook are primarily Christian writers, people from my church, and a few family members I only see information that is wholesome. My whole purpose for Facebook is to build my author platform.

    Have you thought about interacting with people who are like minded?

  2. Cool! You'll have to hop on here more often so we can chat about what we're learning. You hit the nail on the head with FB. I first started my account 4 years ago and friended everyone (i.e. siblings of my friends, long lost family members, people I went to H.S. and college with, etc.). Now it's time to bring it in and make it purposeful. When I return to FB, I will open a page for my blog or author's page, and close my personal page.

  3. I'll have to check that book out. I hope you do a revie on it when you're done. Re: fb, I just use it to keep in touch with my college friends and SOME high school friends. I'm not going to get rid of it anytime soon but I will continue to use it sparingly like I already do. I don't like how I feel when I look at some people's pictures either though, so I feel you.
    I'm keeping it since I'm not gonna call up my college friends but still want to have an interaction with them. :-)

  4. I will definitely do an overall review. Deia, you have plenty of self control. I was one of those kinds of ppl that lived on FB....for no real reason at all.

  5. So... I'm a fb junkie. But - I totally get some of your reasons. When I bought my iphone... first app? Bible. Love it. Now I can squeeze in a proverb or psalm or a few words in while waiting. LOVE IT.


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