Monday, October 17, 2011

Hello Somebody!

I LOVE to dance and sing!  I'm the type of person that doesn't just walk across the street, I dance, prance, hop, and skip.  I typically don't just saunter down the grocery aisle, I boogie down and bop to the music, no matter what kind; classical or country makes no difference to me.  I figure if I have to do something as dreadful as shop, I may as well make it as fun as I possibly can.  Don't even get me on singing!

For years, I've begged God to give me a beautiful singing voice.  I don't have to be Mariah Carey, but I'd love to know how to carry a tune and sound decent doing it.  Since He hasn't granted that request quite yet, I sorta feel bad for the people to the left, right, and in front of me at the Hello Somebody concert last night. I'm sure they were not happy with my singing, but my Heavenly Father was so proud of His daughter.  It's amazing to know that my voice is so sweet on His ears.

Aaron Gillespie & The City Harmonic partnered with a wonderful organization called, Hello Somebody, and they were at our church in concert.  That's right; the guys behind, "We Were Made for You" and "Manifesto" were at my church in concert!  Me, the hubsters, and the kid kicked it hard.....actually Trenton was sleep for most of it, but he did enjoy the City Harmonic.

Aaron Gillespie ripped it up on the drums, and sung a lot of classic Christian worship songs, and the City Harmonic played the piano with such passion and intensity.  Not only are these two groups extremely talented, but throughout the entire evening they stressed the fact that they were there to make Jesus Christ famous; to do what they were created for, which is worship; and raise money to feed people all around the world.

Hello Somebody is an organization that feeds starving people all around the world and show them the love of Jesus Christ.  They started when the founder had the same dream 5 nights in a row!  The dream was of a boy naked and dirty with an empty bowl in his hand, asking, begging, "Hello, Somebody????" He had to answer; and they fed 1 million people in their first 10 months.

I answered the call too!  We purchased two of their super trendy watches and fed 200 kids!

I may never learn to sing...well, but I know Jesus loves me, and I'm so happy for the people who are able to praise Him publicly with their voices and musical talents.


  1. That sounds like a great time and what a wonderful cause! I can't sing a tune either, but singing makes me happy! Heather

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun.. : )) I can't sing to save my life.. lol, but who is to judge - let me tell it, I belong on American Idol.. haahaa


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