Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall Projects

Hello, I'm back!  I know, I know.  I took an unplanned hiatus.  I've been dealing with extreme exhaustion, voices in my head, writers block, and self pity.  I'm typically not a ho-hum melancholy type person, but I look at other people's pictures on their blogs, and I covet their cameras.  I know it's a sin, but I want a nice camera!!!!  I also look at other people's blogs and all the exciting things going on.... I started to feel defeated, but I'm over it and I'm back.

Over the weekend, TrentMan and I had a good time making granola bars, candy corn bottles, and watching movies.  I love that little guy!  He is really growing up into a great young man.

I got the idea of making candy corn bottles from Marilyn over at the Artsy Girl Connection.  Marilyn is a very talented crafter, kind of how I used to be.  Her candy corn bottles turned out so beautifully, that I had to try it out.

As you can see, her's are way more beautiful than ours.  I don't know how I messed up such a simple project, but at least we had fun and it was definitely a bonding moment.  TrentMan is getting more confident doing things on his own and continuing even when he messes up or when I show him a better way to do something
Marilyn's Antique Candy Corn Bottles
My Antique Candy Corn Bottles

I'm still proud of us, eventhough, I wouldn't necessarily display these bottles in a prominent place.

What are some fun thing you enjoy with your child(ren)?


  1. Your candy corn bottles are just as great as the other ones! The most important thing is that you did it as an activity with your child :)

    My favorite things with my girls are: Kayla (shopping, blogging, talking). Miss M (tie dying shirts and coloring)

    Also, don't worry about not having the greatest camera. Ours isn't great, but it's all we have. Just a point and click. It gets the job done though :)

  2. TIA<---I LOVE your BOTTLES!! OMG,they turned out really pretty JUS like mine.. Seriously, I am SO glad you decided to post it.. Please link it up tomorrow to pin'inspirational thursday.. YOU are awesome for making these.. I LOVE it.. : )).. Totally made my day.. Yaaaye.. :))).. Xoxo ~Marilyn

  3. ps: yes, DO NOT worry about not having a gret camera, it's all about the camera only if you end up not editing your work, but 99% of everyone rely on editing - Use picnik for wow effects, works all the time :))

  4. I think your bottles look great! Funny - I feel exhausted because our life is stuck at full throttle.. you feel like your life is a little too slow. Want to take a day a week and trade? *sigh* I'm so glad we found each other in this bloggesphere.

  5. @Style Journey- You have a great relationship with your kids!!!

    @Marilyn- You are too gracious! I sure will join in tomorrow. I just discovered picnik about a month ago, and I love it.

    @Kristen- I'm so all over the place. I'm still adjusting to what my life is vs. what I thought it would be.

  6. Ooh these are great...I know the blogs will make you covet a lot of things but it's so NOT worth it! Just to make you happy...you won a giveaway on my blog..check date of: 10/26/11


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