Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Spoken Word Poetry

It's no secret...I LOVE POETRY!!!!  Last month, I had the distinct pleasure of catching up with the anointed artist, Janette...ikz, and learn more about the woman behind the ministry of poetry and song.  I'm very inspired by the way she and the artists with the Passion for Christ Movement bring the word of Jesus Christ and His grace and how we are to relentlessly serve Him.

I came across these next two pieces, and they also really moved me.

After watching this piece, you'll definitely want to become an EX.

If you don't want to be blessed by doing more for the Kingdom of God, please DON'T watch this one.  If you don't want to enter into a state of enlightenment that you will be held accountable for, please DON'T watch.  If you want to merely scratch the surface of God's love, but don't want an intimate relationship, please DON'T watch.  If you don't want to judge others, please DON'T watch.  I'm just sayin!

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