Friday, August 19, 2011

Slug Bug

We've done some fun things this summer: road trip across America, multiple library trips, Six Flags, waterparks, prizes for our Summer Enrichment program, however, one of the most fun things this summer has been watching my baby grow up!

Not only has he grown up, but our relationship has changed in a good way.  We love to joke around, play games, and laugh and laugh.  Last night I did get a kick out of blowing raspberries on his stomach.  Apparently this never gets old.  TrentMan giggled and giggled just like when he was a 6-month-old baby; it was great to be taken back to that fun time in his life.

Now, our favorite game to play is Slug Bug!  I think he saw it in a commercial and/or a friend taught him.  IDK, but we have a blast looking for VW Beetles.  Once you find one, you yell, "slug bug" and hit the person.  He always cheats, I always get "upset", and we keep on playing!  I pray that these are the things that he remembers when he reflects back on his childhood.

I pray you all have a wonderful weekend!  I will be enjoying my last unrestricted weekend with my child!

What are your weekend plans?

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