Monday, August 22, 2011

The Fiercest Twist-Out

Wow!  My head is still spinning from my my defense it is my last weekend of summer.  I'm talking hairstyling, work, passing out school supplies to kids, wedding, last minute school shopping, church, signing people up for small group, zoo, and MacArthur's Soul Food Restaurant!!!  That's right, this morning the hubsters and I will be dropping our only child off to third grade this morning.

Back to the topic at hand.  I did something a little different for my hair and the results were amazing.  Friday morning I washed my hair and used Shea Moisture's deep conditioner that can also be used as a leave-in.  Afterwards, I just grabbed sections of hair and braided them into Miss Ceilly braids just so they could dry.  But I couldn't go out the house like that, so I did a head wrap style that I saw on HairGurl.  The hubsters said I looked like a cancer patient, which I take as a compliment.  LOL!  Everyone else kind of ignored my head wrap and chalked it up as another of my eccentric expressions.
TrentMan behind me being silly!
Friday night, I took the braids down and they were completely dry and my hair was the most stretched out it has ever been.  Not even light blow drying has gotten my hair this stretched out.  I used the Creme Brulee by Beija FlorNaturals, which I wrote a review on a few weeks ago.

Saturday afternoon I untwisted my hair and it was so soft, fluffy, stretched out, yet defined.  This was the first time I did a completely dry twist-out.  Typically my hair would at least be damp or I would spray a little water on it.  All this time I thought I was doing a dry twist out because I was using very little water.  I had a serious Ah-Ha moment that shouldn't have taken me this long to figure out, but whatever!  LOL!
Here's the back view.  The front view is the first picture.
I just pinned it up for the wedding that we attended.  I wasn't feeling the pin-up style, but it was ok.  I definitely need more practice with pin-up styles.

I re-twisted in about 10 huge twists Saturday night and untwisted Sunday morning.  Here's what I came up with.  I just put a two-strand flat twist headband in the front.  I'm not quite sure how to style a twist-out, but I got a lot of compliments on my hair.

The red flower is definitely a signature look for me

I'm sure this isn't the fiercest twist-out you've ever seen, but it's the fiercest I've been able to produce.  My hair confidence has been restored.

What are your favorite hairstyles?


  1. Love it, and the brown and white striped dress! Congrats on your fab look!

  2. Great results!!! I was checking out youtube this weekend and saw a girl that you may like. She talks waaay too much for my liking, but her hair length is similar to yours and I lovvved her updos and twists styles. Her name is Ahsiek118. (keisha spelled backwards) Please let me know what you think after checking her out.

  3. @Jeanette- Thanks my dear!
    @Love & Tangles- I will certainly check her out and let you know what I think. I'm trying to get to your level!!!


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