Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Style Files: Turn Your Problems into Your Assets

A miracle happened this past weekend!  Yes, it's true, I did go shopping.  Anyone who knows me knows that I super detest shopping of any kind.  Just the thought of searching for the perfect item and never finding it, walking up and down aisles, and going from store to store still searching really bothers me.  However, the fact that I don't like shopping doesn't excuse the fact that there are things that we need that I have to go out and buy...like groceries.  I know there's on-line shopping, however, if I'm going to spend money, I want instant gratification.  Weird!??!!??  I'll accept that.  Anyways, I grabbed a friend, and she led me to TJ Maxx, a place that I've never shopped.  I was delighted by my inexpensive finds, I wish I could have pushed myself to buy more.

Did I say that I grabbed a friend?  I meant to say, Modern Style Maven that specializes in nautical fashions.  She taught me all kinds of stuff that is relevant for buying clothes for my body type, which is petite, curvy, with a large bust.  Here are her recommendations:

  • No large print/patterns on shirts, it will only make me look bigger
  • No turtlenecks, they will also make me look even more top heavy than I am (if that's possible)
  • No horizontal stripes, you guessed it, they'll make me look bigger
  • V-neck or open neck-line shirts are best to show a little of the decollatage (I apologize, I don't know how to add a fancy accent mark) area to make me look presentable and modern
  • Fabric should just drape across my skin, it shouldn't be too tight or too loose
  • Clothing with a defined waist and defined bust area will make me look smaller and more put together
There were many more suggestions that she gave me, but I could only soak so much up!

1.  When you have a large tummy or one that sticks out, then you want your clothes to have a defined waist.   If they don't have a defined waist, oftentimes, you can create one with a belt.

2.  If you are top heavy, make sure the buttons are not pulling.  If they are, then you need to go up a size, and you may have to have the sides taken in by a seamstress.
Cute, but too small to fit my chest
3.  If you have big arms that you don't want to accent, sometimes cap sleeves make them look bigger.  Also, if you have a mid-section that you want to hide, don't choose items that are too tight.

Cute, but makes my stomach noticeable and the color is a little too drab for my tastes
4.  Perfect dress- Defined bust area that are large enough for your dress to fit in and a material that glides over your problematic mid-section.  Jack pot!!!!

What is the best style advice you've ever received


  1. hair is way cute, i love the last 2 dresses....but....WAIT...you've NEVER been to tj maxx??? O_o

  2. If it looks good and feels good...WEAR IT!!!

  3. Yes!! I figured out how to post.

  4. @Socialitedreams- Thanks sweetie! I woke up one day and I had a huge afro. It's weird. LOL! I've been in there, maybe twice, but never purchased anything.

    @jereka- Yeah!!!! Glad to "see" you on FLF! Thanks for your help with all of this!

  5. I think this is the cutest you hair has ever been...I love the last two dresses...and best fashion advice since I have a big butt, don't wear pants that have big pockets or ones with buttons. I am guilty of both LOL

  6. I think she gave you some great advice!

    I believe belting anything also helps define the smallest part of your waist.

    The best fashion advice? When you feel crappy, dress up to the nines. If you look good you feel good!

  7. @Cara- Thanks sweetie pie! I think pants with big pockets help to hide a big butt. It's the small pockets that make your butt look ginormous. At least for me.

    @Style Journey- I love a nice big belt to hide my flub. Sometimes they can be uncomfortable though. I like that advice!

  8. @Morgan A- Thanks Morgan! I think I'm going to go back and get the peach one. I only purchased the turquoise one. It's so hard for me to do anything for myself!

  9. Both of the last dress look so good on you its good you know your body and what looks good on you!!!


  10. Thanks 3irlartist! It's been difficult for me to accept my "new" body, but it is what it is and refuse to look a hot mess thinking I'm still a size 4.


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