Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dark Girls Preview

This fall, a documentary titled, Dark Girls, will be released.  Director and Producer, Bill French will attempt to delve into the social issues of skin color, and how dark skin is perceived in America.  Check out this video clip for a preview of what's in store.

Personally, I cannot wait to see the entire documentary, because I am a black woman, and also to see if they reach any solutions to this dilemma that dates all the way back to the slave days.  I've never received preferential treatment (that I know of) because of my skin color, but then again, I am kind of right in the middle.  However, I know several women who feel the same way about their dark as the women in this documentary feel.

Many people argue that skin color is only an American issue, however, it seems as if every continent on this planet despises dark skin.  Look at the Aborigines in Australia, in Indian culture, darker skinned people are typically lower on the caste system, and even black Latinos are discriminated against.

Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. did extensive research on black Latinos and the slave trade in Cuba, Haiti, Mexico, and a few other countries.  In his documentary, he talks about the fact that the first President of Mexico was a black Latino, but not very many people know that.

What are your thoughts on people who have low self-esteem due to their dark skin tone?  Are these biases still prevalent in our society today?


  1. These biases continue to exist today. It is so sad that way too much is promoted by our own people.

  2. Exactly! You would think that we would cherish each other and not tear each other down. This hurts my spirit!


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