Thursday, June 16, 2011

Natural Wonders by Guest Blogger Nikia Maltbia

Here are several natural products i've tried and loved.  Be both healthy and beautiful with these simple smart buys.  They are now considered staples at my house because I cannot live without them.  Had to share this knowledge with you.

Dr. Bonner's Magic Soap:  This soap has been around for 60 years and talk about double duty!  This single product has the ability to serve you in countless areas.  Carry this with you when you travel- use it for cleaning and moisturizing the body, washing hair, brushing teeth, opening pores, and clearing acne prone skin.  Those are just a few reasons I can think of to convince you this is a must-have item!  Something else to keep in mind; it's natural and works great for sensitive skin.  This will be one of those items I always have stocked in my home!  

Pure Africa Shea Butter:  This is yet another multipurpose product, 100% organic, and feels so good to the touch.  Why wouldn't you want to rub it everywhere?  And you can!   This product can be used for the following;  stretch mark prevention, acne reliever, soften skin, even skin tone, restore elastisity to skin, add sheen to hair, and so much more.  Again, this is another natural product and can be used daily.  I use it daily on my  body and face, and typically use for my children's hair and scalp.

Tea worth talking about:
Stash Premium is my favorite go to brand for tea.  Stash produces a wide range of teas made with 100% natural ingredients.  The taste is subtle and has just  enough sweetness.  My favorite flavor right now is Mangosteen.  View the many benefits of mangosteen below, but check with your doctor before consuming it in large or daily doses, as it can also work against your body if you suffer from certain ailments.

Click here for Nikia's complete list of natural wonders!


  1. I've been really interested in natural remedies, lately . . . I'm glad I came across this post!

    I want to try that soap. I'm going to need to track some down.

    Thanks for sharing, girl!


  2. I purchase Dr. Bonners products at Target or the Whole Foods Store.

  3. Yep, I've seen it at Whole Foods, and where I live there's a store called, Woodman's that carries it. I'm glad you found this post helpful Chelsea.


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