Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I don't know if it's just my family, or does every family have their own crazy whacky cliches and sayings.  When I was little, I used to love sitting up under my mother while she was on the phone talking to the friend and listening in on some of the bizarre cliches she would use.  I had no clue about what she was talking about, but it was hilarious nonetheless.  It's probably similar to when a foreigner is trying to learn English and hearing some of the wacky slang and cliches that we use and trying to make sense of it all.

Below are a few sayings from my dictionary!  I hope you can keep up!

Most of my new friends have never heard me talk like this.  If I've slipped up, they were kind enough to let me slide.

"Looking cock-eyed and crazy."- An expression to describe a look of stupidity that someone can show through facial expressions, as well as, body language and clothing  (i.e. The clerk was looking cock-eyed and crazy when I expressed that I wanted my money back.)

"All day long and twice on Sunday."-  An expression used to describe how a particular detail never changes or also describe how long a particular event will take (i.e. Did you get the groceries?  All day long and twice on Sunday.)

"Get yo big!"- an expression that begins a dirty dozens joke (i.e. Get yo big head short pants self up out of here!)  If you're from the Chi, you're probably very familiar with this one!

Looking like who shot John (and where's Mike)?- an expression to describe the look of amazement and confusion on one's face (the hubster's added the "and where's Mike?" portion) or a way to describe one's poor taste in attire  (i.e. My co-worker was looking like who shot John in the meeting today.)

"Wow, seriously!!????!!"-  a pop slang expression to express disdain towards a ridiculous situation, person, or question  (i.e. Someone trips over their own feet.  You say, "Wow, seriously!!?????!!??")

"Hankty"- another word that means uppity or stand-offish (i.e. Angela was acting very hankty today)

What are some of the crazy wacky things you or your family says???  Spill!  I want to know!  I know we're not the only crazy ones out here.


  1. These are awesome! does sound like an actual language! My husband and I have these nonverbals that we's so weird because we know exactly what it means...people are just like why are you making these noises?

  2. I can see you guys now! I bet it's hilarious! We love to laugh too!

  3. we don't really have any unique sayings, but we've adopted "oye with the poodles already" from the gilmore girls which means, "i've had enough of this annoying conversation"


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