Friday, October 7, 2011


Last Friday the hubsters and I were kidless, so we decided to see the movie, Courageous, and we were so glad we did.  The people over at Sherwood Baptist keep one-upping themselves, and this time they pulled out all the stops.  They even have curriculum and study guide materials based on the premise of the movie so that men and families can continue the discussion.

The movie, Courageous, chronicles the very different journey's of five fathers and how they relate to their children.  The movie even explores their relationships' with their fathers, and how being a mentor and/or father-figure to those without is very important in our society.  They make a resolution or covenant with God to be the best fathers and husbands in His strength, of course some fall short and some dust themselves off and keep trudging the hard, but oh so rewarding road of fatherhood.

I actually enjoyed how the movie played on negative racial stereotypes to make a point, and they also presented many positive cultural aspects to combat the negative racial stereotypes.  You'll just have to see the movie to understand exactly what I'm talking about.  The characters displayed so much depth that everyone can identify with at least one character or one situation in the movie; you'll find yourself identifying with a character that you would least expect.

There were deadbeat dads, highly dedicated dads, unknown dads, just filling space dads, absent dads, praying dads, and I could go on!  They did an excellent job showing how having these various types of fathers can affect the children and the marriage relationship.

This movie is not suited for young children due to the intensity and heaviness of some of the subject matter.  I would definitely say, it's best for ages 11-13 and up.

Lastly, I love the way they didn't shy away from the Gospel, eventhough they were going all big screen.  I can only pray that God will use this movie to bring people closer to him and help the men in our world to become more like Him.  After seeing this movie, I was just so joyful, because I realized that I have a "courageous" man.  Please support this movie.

You can watch the trailer here!

Have you seen this movie?  Would you go see it?

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  1. I would go see it..It looks good, maybe with a few friends.. Like a replenishing your faith friend date : )) Thanks for sharing this.. :)) GREAT POST!!

  2. This sounds like a good movie. I would see it too! :-) Have a great weekend!

  3. You ladies have a great weekend! Let me know if you see this movie.

  4. Wow, sounds really interesting. I would see it based on your review ;-)

  5. That sounds awesome! I love to hear about God using film to positively affect people's lives!

  6. Film and TV are such big parts of our lives, that I'm glad to see God in the midst too!!!

  7. i heard about the movie...the hubby and i have to go out and see it soon! thanks for the review...i LOVE the picture you used!


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