Thursday, September 22, 2011

We Celebrate With Towels

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess who announced her impending marriage to all the people in the land of K!  They showered her with lavish gifts of....towels!  What else would a princess want?  There were big towels, small towels, fingertip towels, egyptian cotton towels, all kinds of towels.  She married her handsome prince and they lived happily ever after with a linen closet completely stocked with towels.  The End!!!!

That was a nice story, wasn't it?  Don't act like you wouldn't like to go for months without having to wash towels if you didn't want to!  LOL!  If you haven't figured out by now, the above story is about me!  I have enough towels to last a life time, and I'm sure many of these will even follow my son to college.  Matter of fact, when I had my baby shower, I also received lots of towels and wash rags to help me to welcome him into the world.  In my culture, giving someone a towel is a sign of prosperity and it symbolizes warmth.  JK, but I bet I had you going.  Let me stop playing and hop right to it.

So, you already know that I have lot's of towels.  Let me tell you something else about me....I'm cheap!  I really despise buying things that don't make my life easier or better.  In this category is: home furnishings and clothing, to name a few.  These things are nice, but definitely not the first thing I run to buy when I get a little extra cash.

I wish I could take credit for this home decor idea, but I saw it at a friend's house and knew that it would be perfect to add some color to my guest bathroom, and it didn't cost me anything.  All you'll need is one regular sized towel, a fingertip towel, and a hair tie/ rubberband.

Here it is:

Finished Design!  Looks like a flower in bloom!

What are some simple ways you decorate a room?


  1. That is cool! It looks like something they would do a fancy hotel :) Love the colors together too.

  2. That story was funny! but i am glad you turn a bad into a positive...that looks real good!

  3. by the way: i chose you as one of the people i wanted to know more about...hope you participate!

  4. @Style Journey- Thanks! That makes me feel super good!!!

    @Mrs. Pancakes- I'm such a goof ball. Thanks!

  5. The towels look great. I have another use...
    My girlfriend takes FULL sized towels and hand towels and a small strip of "cutesy" ribbon. She sews the small hand towel onto the large one - so it becomes a great "hooded" towels. She gives these away as baby gifts. They are amazing. If you want to see a picture - message me.


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