Monday, September 19, 2011

Henna Results

A few weeks ago, I tried hennaing my hair for the first time, and I want to give you guys an update.

Henna is a plant or bush typically grown in Middle Eastern countries, that is known to make the hair shiny, soft, strong, define curl patterns, and can even temporarily dye the hair.  Who wouldn't want this for their hair?  So after hearing some of the top hair bloggers write about it, I had to try it out.

My expectations were in the middle, because it is a process that builds up the more you do it, and you get better results the more you do it, however, I was disappointed after my first application.

I wanted to use CurlyNikki's method of mixing henna, but I didn't have any green tea!  Don't you hate when people leave empty boxes in the pantry?  Any ways....  I ended up using Mop Top Maven's henna mix, because I had those ingredients on my shelf.  In the end, I was glad that I used her formula, because my hair wasn't as crunchy as some people say their hair is after a henna application.

I purchased my Jamila henna from Mehndi Skin Art, and it took about 8 days to be shipped to my house, and that weekend, I went to town on my hair.

First, I wet and detangled my hair.

This is what the henna looks like all mixed together with the water, conditioners, honey, EVOO, and apple cider vinegar.

I've applied the henna to my entire head after sectioning my hair into four parts.  Please make sure to put on plastic gloves because the henna can stain your hands; you might also want to lay out newspaper over your floor and counters.  Lastly, do not try to finger detangle your hair as you apply the henna; that could actually break your hair off.  As you can see, once mixed, henna is a heavy mud texture.

Here are my results after thoroughly shampooing and conditioning my hair; in my opinion, it didn't come out any shinier, softer, or looser than using any other technique.  After applying the henna, I did put a plastic cap on, then I placed a headband over the cap to secure it overnight, and then I also put a satin bonnet over it all.  I finished my night time routine and slept with it in for about 11 hours.  I also took my son to school with it in.  Don't judge me, however, I would have judged you if I saw you looking how I was looking!  I don't have to get out the car to drop him off.  LOL!  

So, there it is!  What are your thoughts about henna?  Have you ever or would you ever try it for your hair?  What is the craziest thing you've done to your hair?


  1. Well your hair looks amazing-very shiny and the colour looks spectacular!

  2. You did NOT take that poor baby to school with your hair looking like that! LOL! I've used EVOO and honey on my hair a few times. I love it! I tried it on my 4 y.o. and my 2 y.o. and my older daughter was a little concerned. Her response: "Are you going to eat us?!?" Ha!

  3. LOL!!! Too cute! Whenever I get to mixing stuff, LaMar thinks I'm CRAZY! My head was covered and I stayed in the car. He'll be alright.

  4. You know...i've yet to try henna. And now that I have color in my hair, it def won't be anytime soon. I can't wait to read about your experiences with it! I do want to try it one day in the future though.-K.D.

  5. @KD- I've done it twice so far, and I really haven't seen any real results. No stretching out, no added sheen or softness; I guess no more than I would get from a typical deep conditioning treatment. I will try it one or two more times. Other people see great results with it!!!


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