Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Blogging Wish List

I've been at this blogging thing for almost three months, and I truly am enjoying this journey.  As you know, I have my doubts sometimes, but I have an end goal in mind.  I would like to use this blog to not only inspire Christian women, but all women, and I'd also like to use it as a spring board for my writing career.  I've loved creative writing since I was 11 (it was a long time ago, I know).  Back then I wanted to develop my talent into a career, but somehow, once I hit highschool, I got side-tracked into a business mentality.

So far, this blog has opened up a few doors for me to begin a freelance writing career, and I am excited, because these things were also spoken over me by a prophet recently.  Each day I blog, I'm like a little kid opening up a present to see what God has in store or to see who will be blessed and moved in an unexplainable way.

Before I go too far off topic, I've been thinking of some things that I will need to help me along this journey.  I don't have them listed in any type of order, because I'm unsure what should be done first.  I also don't want to spend a lot of money on something that isn't necessary or won't produce the results I'm looking for.'s my list!
  • 250 professional looking glossy business cards with all of my info
  • My own domain name (nix the blogspot)
  • Writing workshops (I plan to attend some next month.  I love learning!)
  • A super duper graphic artist to spruce it up over here (I've done everything myself so far, and web design and html are not my forte)
  • A professional photo shoot (I want to have nice modelly looking pictures too!)
  • A good quality zoom lens camera (I'm so jealous of some of the detail I see other people's camera's are able to pick up on.  I just have a point and click digital camera, and I better be grateful for that.)
  • Writing/Blogging Conference(s)- I love meeting new people, of course learning, and networking (I do it very well!). 
  • Focusing on 2-3 niche topics versus being all over the place like I am now. (Thoughts??)
Writing/Blogging Opportunities I'm Looking For:
  • Guest Blog Spots
  • Interviews of Christian artists, women with something to share
  • Partnering with businesses to review products/services and talk about it
  • Magazine, newspaper, newsletter, internet news writing
  • A book deal!!!!
What do you think will help you bust through to the next level in blogging or your career?


  1. I agree. I wish I could do more with my blog and reach more people, but I'm trying to figure out and pray about how....

    Sometimes I have so many things I want to talk about, that when I finally sit down to type, I have nothing. Weird, I know. Re: pictures, I just tell the hubs that we need to go out more and HE needs to be behind the camera and get a couple of pictures of me by myself! Pictures of your hair should be in front of some sort of natural light....I've noticed it's helped.

  2. We wish we could do more with our blog too, but as amatuers, school, work, being a mom, etc. we do our best. Kayla and I do enjoy it very much, but it is what it is.

    One thing I would like is to have a better camera. Kayla and I try to stick to outfit photos, being positive, and sharing a little bit of our everyday lives. I like blogs about real people and real stories. Some of the blogs out there are really beautiful and creative, but I like the ones with "real" people! You know, people standing in their living rooms, or in their backyards, kitty photo bombers, etc.

    One thing I have also learned is that if you post frequently on your own blog and visit other blogs, you will build a fan base. I visit several blogs but don't always comment if I don't have something worthy to say. We have people comment on our blog that we have no idea where they came from (maybe other people's blogs?) not sure.

    You are doing great for only doing this for 3 months! Sorry to make this so long winded on you, lol!


  3. Blogging definitely exciting. there are so many different opportunities out there in the blogging world.

  4. @Love&Tangles- I always forget my camera or forget to take a picture of various things. Then when I do take a picture, I'm usually not impressed with the quality. Start keeping a journal of things that you want to write about. I have an informal way of keeping writing ideas together. I also develop a very loose weekly plan.

    @Style Journey- I LOVE the way your pictures come out! I'm assuming you guys stand in front of a bush in your yard, and the background is beautiful. I kind of agree with you about blogs, especially style blogs, being TOO picturesque and staged. It feels kind of impersonal, and like their main goal is to either show how cute they are or make money somehow. I love that your blog is a project for you and your daughter. That's what drew me in; plus you guys have pretty cute clothes too.

    @Mrs. Pancakes- There are definitely lot's of opportunities. Just have to figure out how to go about getting them.


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