Monday, August 1, 2011

10 Months In- I Thought That....

Well, ladies and gentlemen....the Mac is back as you can see....and so am I!  The hubsters made an appointment at the Apple store over the weekend so that he could get a new battery and they checked my computer for any damage from the old battery.  Now, I'm up and running and good to go.

Two days away from the blogging world feels like a whole week!  I feel like I need to reconnect with this craft called blogging....on the other hand, I feel like I should scale back my blogging schedule.  What do you guys think I should do?  If you are a blogger, do you have a set blogging schedule or do you go with the flow?

Anywho....let's get to what I came here to do today.  Today is my hair's 10 month-a-versary, and ya'll know each month I have to do something special and different for/to my hair to celebrate.  This month I decided to get my ends trimmed...dun dun duunnnnn!  I know to most people getting your hair trimmed is  no biggie, but when you're a highly textured curly girl, black on top of that, it can be a huge deal.

I wanted to get my hair trimmed because, out of this ten month period, I haven't had my hair "professionally" trimmed as of yet, which is not abnormal for a curly girl, however, I think trimming my hair jump starts the growth process and keeps my ends in check before they get scraggly and raggedy.  You don't want to know how many times I've had to have upwards of six inches cut off, just due to raggedy ends.  I decided to go back to Beverly at Hair Studio 2000 who did my BC ten months ago, and she was surprised to see me...really my hair.  On a side note, tell me why I was greeted at the door by the barber who cuts hair at the shop.  This man had the nerves to say, "You must be coming to get that cut off!"  Seriously, wow!!!  I told him absolutely not and kept it moving.  Any ways...Beverly did a great job and she only cut off about 1/4"- 1/2" inches.  You can't tell that it's been cut....but I can!  I need all the length I can get, so hopefully this gives me the boost that I've been looking for.


I also tried Natural Chica's side pony puff, and I kind of liked it on me.  Mind you, I LOVED it on her.  The hubsters wasn't feeling it though, but he was still complimentary, which is why I love him.  He understands that my hair doesn't make me...most of the time.

Anywho, I want to cap this post off with what I thought about natural hair before my BC last year.  Enjoy!

1.  I thought that my hair would be a little longer by now, but oh well, I'm still enjoying the journey.

2.  I thought that I wouldn't mind working out because my hair is natural.  Um no!  I don't want to have to wash the sweat out and deal with MAJOR shrinkage from all the heat and perspiration.  I haven't been to the gym all summer, but I'm really using my hair as a scapegoat.

3.  I thought that going natural would keep my men out of my hair.  Nope!  They love patting it, pulling it, twirling it....I have to make them stop or else I'll be bald.  So not a good look!

4.  I thought that since my hair is natural, I wouldn't mind walking in the raining.  Nada!  Let's keep it real, rain is cold and I don't like the feeling of it slapping me all over the place.

Weigh in!  What are some thoughts you've had about natural hair?


  1. I thought I would be rocking a Foxy Brown afro at some point...Nope I have to many different textures.Say heeey to kinky,wavy and!

  2. I absolutely love your hair Ti...I'm actually going back all natural and will keep you posted on the progress... thanks for letting the world see your transition!


  3. @Jereka- I have a friend who said the same thing! Her hair texture has gotten looser with age.

    @Kamia- Nice to see you on FLF!!! I think it would be SO cute on you. I can't wait to see pictures.


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