Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Upside Down and Right Side Up

The last week has come in like a whirlwind.  Last Monday, I received a letter from my son's school in regards to the football program, which starts at THIRD GRADE!!!!  The letter went on to talk about camps, practices, games, physicals, etc.  My heart sank; I knew that it wouldn't be right to keep this information from my husband, it would be kind of deceitful.

See, here's the story....the hubsters has always wanted TrentMan to play football and I've always been a little reluctant.  The hubsters has been in school for the last two years and his job is like having two full time jobs, so the issue wasn't really pressed.  But last Monday when that letter came, it was almost like I had a golden ticket for my son to finally play the game affectionately known as football.  I called the school to get a little more information and presented it to the hubsters.  Of course he was game!  If ya'll could've seen the look on his face, ya'll still would be laughing.  Finally, his son was going to be doing something that he had done as a child.  I say that because my son is SO different from me and my husband, (but he looks JUST like me) and he is also being raised completely different from us as well.  When we talk about things that happened when we were kids he gets so confused or he thinks the answer is so simple because he's using his little 8 years of life experience.

So, I say all of this to say that.....third grade football has been CANCELLED!  A weekend of buying cleats, practice putting pads on, talking about hydration, bench warming, praying, contemplating what I would do if someone tackles my son (lol, as if they're not supposed to), and nervous excitement ended the first day of practice when we were told there weren't enough third graders to have a team.  Bummer!  TrentMan said that he felt terrible, but I know part of him was excited that he didn't have to be pushed around, have long days of running from here to there, having to scrub stains out of clothing, possible emergency room visits....or wait a minute....was it me that felt that way???  IDK!

Even his mean face is sweet!
I am curious as to what God wanted us to get out of this little exercise!

Are you a big sports/extra curricular activity family?  How do you balance it all?


  1. I don't think you ever get a perfect balance some things start to suffer and then you have to do some shuffling. It's a constant struggle, but worth it when you see them doing something they enjoy. You should see Jayvious' face after he's run a 200m and didn't come in first. You would think he won. *priceless*

  2. @jereka- Yeah I agree. Something is definitely going to suffer as a result of being busy outside of the home with various activities. But like you said, these are the moments they will remember. I'm trying to figure out how I can capitalize on Trent's excitement about sports. He's never been too thrilled about any sport.


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