Thursday, July 21, 2011


It's just one of those days, guys!  I'm at the end of my week and I am worn down.  We had a Prophet named Ed Traut from Prophetic Life Ministries, visit our church over the last four days.  If you had told me that I would be there each day, I would have thought you were crazy; I wanted to get started on working out, help my son with his summer learning initiatives, and clean my dirty little house.  However, I promise what God has for you, He has for you.

I've learned SO much, and my brain is full.  I can't wait to compose my notes for myself and for you guys here as well.

I'd like to give you this one nugget that I learned.

If you want to know God's will for your life, then you should be spending at least ten minutes per day of quiet time with Him.  Your quiet time shouldn't consist of you doing or being distracted by any other activity, it's not a time for prayer or Bible study, just a time to let Him speak to you.  Choose the time and the place and ask Him to meet you there each day and just wait and see what happens.  I promise you will be blessed.

Do you already have a quiet time with the Lord?  Please tell us about it.


  1. no, i dont already have quiet time but thanks for introducing me to that idea. HAve a wonderful thursday :)

  2. Yes, I either go next door to the church my husband pastors, or journal. I often hear God speak to me as I journal, then I write His answers down as I believe I'm hearing them. This encourages me so much!

  3. @Maizie-Nicole- What a great time for you to start doing this! You're young, God will bless you, and it would be a great example to everyone around you.

    @Jeanette- How awesome! Thanks for sharing.


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