Friday, July 1, 2011

Nine Months In: You No Longer Have a TWA If...

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For all of you who are not in the know, TWA stands for Teeny Weeny Afro, which is what I have...had.  Whatever!  Today I am nine months natural (no chemicals), and I'm so glad I decided to take this journey...again.  I tried a new hairstyle to celebrate my naturalversary...dun, dun, dun...the faux fro-hawk.  LOL!  And guess what...I discovered that I'm NOT too old for this hairstyle, it's actually been my best hairstyle thus far.  

I used about 24 straight bobby pins and gathered my hair to the center.  My hair was previously in a twist-out, so by the time I put it in a fro-hawk, my hair was nice and fluffy and stretched out.  I added a flower clip on the side, that I failed to take a picture of....sorry (I photoshopped one in for you guys).  However, I'm sure I'll be revisiting this style a lot.

Also, to celebrate my hair growth I've put together some ways you can tell if YOUR hair has grown from a TWA into a BOA...Big Old Afro!  Enjoy.
October 2010

June 2011


You no longer have a TWA if...
le coil

1.  It takes you more than 15 minutes to do a wng (wash and go).  

2.  You have to put your hair in sections to detangle and wash.     

3.  You have more than a couple styling options.

4.  Random strangers start to call you, "Soul Sista," "Angie Davis," or "Foxy Brown"

5.  You no longer hear your friends and family say, "I don't know why you cut your hair!"

6.  You can actually comb your hair starting at the ends and work up to the roots.

7.  You don't get as much use out of a bottle of conditioner as you used to

8.  You can't rub your fingertips in a circular motion through your hair to get your curl pattern to form

How do you measure hair growth?  Is anyone rocking an afro for the 4th?  I want to see pictures!


  1. I love love love your frohawk!!!! You have inspired me to give it a try. I just stink with getting bobby pins to stay put in my head. Ugh!

  2. Really! You know I already tried the fro-hawk where you twist it up on the side and that was not cute at all. I thought I'd revisit the style with just bobby pins. You'll need a lot of them, but you just open them up and slide them in.

  3. Look at you!! Your hair is too cute. Love it!

  4. That frohawk ROCKS, Tianna!!! Love it! :)

  5. Love your pics! I came over after reading your comment on aworkingmomscloset's site and glad I did. I like to connect with others who are on a fro journey :-)

    My hair has now grown WAY longer more than it ever did when I was getting relaxers and I'm loving it!

    I couldn't believe how long it has gotten until I got it blow dried out!

    Anyway, let's connect further...


  6. Congrats on your journey Kesha! I will definitely get in touch with you.


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