Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pulling the Reigns

I accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour over my life at a very young age.  In fact the exact time and all the details are shaky, however, I remember my great aunt asking me if I wanted to become a Christian, and although I didn't know what that meant, I said, "Yes."  Since then, I've recommitted my life to Him, because I also wanted to do it when I completely understood everything.

Although, I had accepted Him as Lord, I didn't always act like I even knew who He was.  Ya'll know what I'm talking about.  About eight or nine years ago is when I began the journey of really trying to understand God and who He is.  How do you hear His voice, is speaking in tounges real, does the Bible really say to give 10%, and I can go on and on.  I'm still on this journey of discovering God's power, how to unlock it, and just basic Christian foundations that I never knew.

So, the things I allowed myself to be a part of and the things I allowed into my spirit and my family's spirit (especially TrentMan) was weighing heavily upon my heart.  No, we didn't go to crazy drug parties and strip clubs, but that may as well been it.  I'm mainly thinking about the music we listened to and the shows and movies we watched.

When TrentMan was a toddler, I'd watch just about everything with no regard to how and if he was soaking it in.  One of the worst was, "America's Next Top Model;" I'm so glad God delivered me from this show.  If you are reading this and you're an ANTM fan, please know that I am only speaking about my journey and what's spiritually healthy for me.  First off, the curse words that they allow are ridiculous, especially when your little toddler begins to use them, and you just can't figure out where he got it from.  Hmmm!!???!!  Also, I was going through a transition period with my body, and just seeing those women kid free and all glammed up and skinny, for goodness sake, only made me feel worse about myself and then I'd get depressed.  Needless to say, I cut this show completely out of my life.  We just didn't need that stuff!

Also, a few years ago, I would listen to a radio show called, the Michael Baisden show that played in the afternoon as I was picking TrentMan up from school.  Mind you, I really can't stand Michael Baisden, however, I did enjoy the music played on his show, so we would listen and jam out to it on the way home.  One day, they were having a discussion about gay people.  I don't even remember the details, however, I do remember my then 5-year-old asking me if he was gay, and that was the very end of that show in my life.

I refuse to knowingly and willingly open any doors for the devil or his demons to come into my life and wreak havoc PERIOD  Before this point in my life, I really didn't think about these types of things, but I am all over it now, which is why I really try to understand things before I allow it into my life.  The way I see it is: if I am completely surrounded and filled with the Holy Spirit at all times (or most of the time) then there is no way for the devil to get into my life or my family's life.  So, if all I have to do is focus on Jesus.....then I guess you know where I'll be.

What are your thoughts about the lack of discretion in our society today?  Do you think it's ever too late to get more strict with your child(ren)?

***I will try to add pictures later today.  Blogger is on the fritz again.  ARRGGHHH!


  1. You know I really appreciate this topic! I don't have children but I'm a newlywed and I know in the near future we plan on having children. I'm glad I read this because it will make me more aware of the things I let my children see and hear. I feel that there is no discreation in society at all and I don't expect there to be any. I applaud you as a parent for taking that responsibility that other parents seem to put off to society. It is very important to start young with children because by middle school or even 5th grade they already think they know everything! Kids these days are influenced by classmates, the internet, and also tv so it is very important for there to be a solid foundation at home and be particular as you stated about what we introduce our children to. With God first and prayer in the household we can't go wrong :) Thank you again for this message.

  2. YES!!! I remember my first realization that Layla was listening to the music on the radio even though I hadn't realized it. It was a real wakeup call; and I have been listening to only KLOVE or Contemporary Christian CDs ever since. If you don't like them, don't get in my car. LOL!

    Kids are listening even when we think they're not.

  3. Vibrant1- It's great that you're going to be able to start your kids off with a solid foundation

    Sharion- You know I love me some KLOVE

    I think parents need to realize that what we put in is what will come out.


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