Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ministry the Small Way

People like watching other people.  Every time you walk out the door, you will be the subject of someone's study on human interaction.  I know we're all guilty of studying others, possibly two adults on a date: are they married, are they having a great time, what food selections did they order, do they have kids....DID THEY PRAY BEFORE THEY RECEIVED THEIR MEAL?

If you have publicly professed to be a Christian, then people are definitely watching you.  I truly believe that one of the main purposes in my life is to help people on an individual or small group basis by doing small favors for them or having them observe the actions of my daily life.

For instance, above I mentioned praying in public.  When my family goes out to a restaurant, it's like any other place to us.  We join hands, we close our eyes, we bow our heads and we give a quick word of thanks, and the hubsters loves to bind sickness, bacteria, and disease in the name of Jesus.  LOL!  No one has ever said anything to us about it, but I pray that at least one person is blessed each time they see my family pray together.

I often think of the bank processors that push through all my checks, debit/credit purchases, EFT transactions, and prepare my bank statements.  I know they probably can tell that I go to McDonald's way more than I care to admit.  However, I write "tithes" on the memo line of my tithes check twice a month, not for organization and tax purposes, but so that it will be a blessing and a reminder for the person pushing it through.

I pray they don't focus on the weeds!
Lastly, this past Mother's Day, the hubsters bought me a little stone garden plaque that has a cross on it and reads, "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."  My first thought wasn't, "This is cute!", it was, "Wow, I pray the next time someone has to come up to our door to deliver a package or sale me something, that they are blessed by this little plaque."  A package was unexpectedly delivered that day, and although I didn't see the delivery person, I know they were blessed by the words on that plaque.

We all love to see  immediate positive change and pats on the back for our work, however, it doesn't always happen.  Please don't take that to mean that no one cares about what you're doing or that it's not working.  Just continue to follow the Holy Spirit  and do things in Jesus' name, and have faith that God is taking care of those small intricate details.

I'm so proud to serve a God that can use anything for His glory.

What types of things do you like to do to bless others?

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