Friday, July 8, 2011

A Man's Job???!??!

It's been four years of adventure, exploration, learning, pushing myself to the limits, upping my emotional IQ, and crazy love.  I'm referring to four years of marriage to my man!  Which leads me to a very important the remembering and anniversary celebration planning a man's job???

In our society and culture, it's always the man who we hone in on...did he remember?  did he buy his wife a present?  did he plan a bang up night out?  But I'm confused, didn't he get married that day too????  Doesn't he deserve to be celebrated for being your soul mate, your better half, braving through all the odds against marriage year after year???  I think so!

The hubsters and I really aren't gifty type people; I still can't wrap my mind around taking "our" money and buying my husband.....A NEW CAR!!!!  Ok, I'm getting off topic...anywho.  We do like to have a good time, but I'm trying to come up with a way we can celebrate that doesn't cost a lot of money, but is a lot of fun.

My only requirements are that we watch our wedding video and talk about one thing that we remember from the wedding day that helps us in our walk with each other.  I have quite a few things that have helped me though my marriage, which I will share next week.

What advice did you receive when you were getting married that you still use today?

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