Thursday, June 2, 2011

Walking the "Catwalk" of Faith

Chelle Lee Design Spring 2010 Collection
What if you had to leave everything and everybody you've ever known to pursue your dream wholeheartedly without knowing in advance if you would succeed or fail...would you do it?  Abraham did it, and he was richly rewarded and became the father of many nations.  Michelle Lee did it as well when she moved to Atlanta, GA, this spring to promote her clothing line, Chelle Lee Design.

Michelle always knew that she didn't want to work a 9-5 type of job, and when she was laid off in 2009, it opened up an opportunity to pursue her true dreams.  She wanted more...she needed more!  She threw herself into her designs and began planning her first fashion show, which at first started off as a small party concept and quickly grew to a full fledged fashion line and catwalk.  After the show, Michelle received a lot of buzz from local publications and people really embraced her work, and she realized it was her time.

Currently, Michelle is in the middle of designing her Spring-Summer 2012 collection where you can expect bold colors and prints with a sexy conservative twist; she's also preparing for a fashion show at the "I Want It All" Conference in Montgomery, AL, August 4-7, where she will debut this new line.

The best part of Chelle Lee Design, is that she begins each day with prayer to provide her with balance and direction; being an entrepreneur in a new place and single mother is definitely a juggling act.  Although, I have a feeling that we'll be seeing Michelle's designs all over the world.

You can check her out on twitter @lovechellelee.

Michelle Lee has been pursuing her dreams of being a fashion designer through her sketches since she was nine-years-old.  In 2010 those sketches came to life in her very first fashion runway show.  She attended the Academy of Design & Technology in Chicago, IL.  Michelle is also the mother of a set of adorable twins.


  1. Love it. If it were in my budget, I'd sport it. Go girl. I am inspired.

  2. I know, I love catching people when they're up and coming, because it's not as expensive! Also, living outside of Chicago, there's some great boutique shops with local designers. Love it!


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