Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Eight-Months In

Today, I am 8-months completely natural...and to take this hair journey to a new level: I...DID...A...BLOWOUT!!!!  This is my first time using any type of heat on my hair, and so far it's been a good experience.  For some reason, I was so nervous as I sectioned my hair off and applied the grapeseed oil.  Here's what was going through my mind: what if the heat damages my hair, what if LaMar hates it (the hubsters), what if I hate it, then I've wasted all this time, what if my friends don't like it.  In the end, I was very pleased with my results.

I used the same technique as Natural Chica, because she has a similar hair texture to mine, her videos are easy to follow, and she is a Christian (what a great surprise bonus).  Here is her video tutorial that I followed.

The detangle, apply grapeseed oil, and blow dry process only took 37 minutes!  I was expecting it to take way longer since my hair is very thick, and I wasn't for sure how well the blow dryer comb attachment would glide through my hair.

Before now, I did not own a hand-held blow dryer.  So, I did a little bit of online research between Ulta and Sally's.  These two stores are close to my house, usually have great prices, and a great selection.  My budget for a blow dryer was $20-$40; I don't plan to use it often, and besides, I'm VERY frugal.  I decided on the Hot Tools Ionic Dryer, because Hot Tools is a reliable brand, and the Ionic was well within my budget.  This dryer is normally $39.99, but it was on sale for $31.99 and I had a 20% off coupon.  So, I only paid $27.70, including tax.  So far, I am very happy with my purchase.  My only qualms are that the dryer is kind of heavy and bulky as I try to guide it through my hair and my fingers did accidentally press the buttons to different speeds and on and off.  I'll deal with it though!

Ladies, if you use shampoo...please sign up for Ulta's rewards program.  I enjoy their marketing plan; I always have a 20% off or $5 off coupon.  Their gift sets are nice too!  I enjoy going there around Christmas time to get things that are on sale and with a coupon, you can get some very nice items for not a lot of money.

So, what do you think of my new do?  Have you ever been hesitant to debut a new hairstyle?


  1. so the top row is with the blowout? you've tried something i haven't done lol, glad that you liked it and there was no pain/damage :D i may have to try a blowout one day too


  2. Yep, the whole top row, and some of the second row. I loved it the first two days, but my hair got more tangled than usual and I did have to re-twist at night and detangle again in the morning.

  3. i just found a video for a cold blowout, so no heat damage possible:

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