Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer Rewards Program Part Two: We're Getting a Puppy!!!

Well, we might be getting a puppy!  I tell you though, this little boy is very determined and he wanted to start working to earn points early this year (here's what we did last year).  Last week we sat down together and talked about the things he wanted to earn, and I thought about point values for each task.  Of course, he wanted to put puppy back on the list, and I allowed him.

I'm still not 100% into the puppy idea, however, if he earns it then I will most certainly get one, and he also really needs a companion.  I will just have to ask God to completely change my heart.  I'm more open to a puppy now than I was last year though, so that's good.

Anyways, take a look at our Summer 2011 charts!  What do you think?  For my family, it's easier to just make a chart versus going out to buy a generic chart.  Remember, Trent Man doesn't have to do any of the tasks that I've laid out for him, but I've gone to great lengths to make sure he wants to (look at my high school Psychology skills).  A generic chart would probably work best for a preschooler or toddler, since they have a shorter attention span, and need to be rewarded more often.  For this age range, I've found some simple charts that you could use, and possibly reward them with an ice cream cone or small piece of candy, however frequently you think it takes to keep them interested.

Notice how I made some incentives close together, with only about 50 points to earn in between each prize, and some are spaced out between 100 to 175 points, this is because I know my child.  I know what it takes to keep him motivated and hold the carrot out there, but not too far out there.  I also want to stress the value of hard work to him.  There are some things that are 1) a little pricey and 2) he really wants (like the Johnny Test DS game), so that means he's going to have to work super hard for those items.  I've set it up so that the smaller less popular, but still desirable are earned first, and then the larger highly saught after items are towards the end of the list.  Last year, I mixed the large items amongst the smaller ones.  Lastly, there are only ten prizes to earn throughout the length of this program.  You may find that ten is too many or not enough for your family.

For pre-schoolers, I would do more opportunities to win, but I'd make them things like: McDonald's for dinner, getting bedtime pushed back 30 minutes, going swimming, or inviting a friend over to play.  You could even use this program for teenagers (no, they are not too old), however, I would do fewer prize incentives, make them harder to attain, but make the prizes big.  I'm talking, if you earn 5,000 points in 10 point increments...dun, dun, dun....YOU GET A NEW CAR!!!!  Remember, whatever works for your family, but you have to admit, if you earn 5,000 points, 10 points at a time, you were working your little tush off, and that deserves something.

What are your thoughts?  Can incentives like these provide a false sense of entitlement?  What happened to the days of, "You better do this or you will get beat?"

TiAnna Mae says: Of course, I like my program because it works for my son, and he would probably get these things by doing nothing at all anyways.  So, now I'm making him work for it.  If in the future he feels that he deserves something outrageous, like an iPad2, then we'll deal with it at that moment.  I also only do this for the summer, because there's no way I can keep up with it all year round.  


  1. Well I think I found my chart sister lol. I LOVE charts, lists, basically anything of that nature. Making goals for kids is a good idea. Later in life they will have to work to pay their bills so teaching them the process of work and reward early on is a good idea! Keep up the good work :)

  2. Yeah, the beating thing doesn't even work. haha. Thanks to your posting, we are starting our own program and have already discussed some of the things they will get to do. I will post it on my blog once we get started and get everything together. I'm not even mentioning a puppy or any type of pet....maybe a fish. lol. I think these are wonderful ideas. I even let my children pick between certain chores. I'm excited about it. It keeps me from saying "if you don't do this then you're on restriction." Saves us all the trouble. Thanks Tianna for the inspiration.

  3. Cara, you look like a charts kind of girl! Wyatt would love this. I think it does teach hard work. Yeah, I'd love to see what your superstar children will do with this. They rock!


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