Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Butt of the Memories

Public schools all around America are failing; it's no secret.  However, I am a product of the public school system, and I am thankful for the level of education I received and the educators that were placed in my path.  For part of my elementary schooling I attended Knotts Environmental Science Elementary School in the Kansas City, MO School District, and I learned SO much here.  At Knotts, we learned to be green before it was a fad or cute government word nicely packaged to mean new jobs.

At Knotts, the mantra was "Reduce, Reuse, Recylce," and we had the district's only school recycling program at that time many moons ago.  I'm saying all of this because on my trip last week, I found myself.....loitering!!!!??!??!?!!!  I never aimlessly through trash on the ground; matter of fact, the Spirit is always making me pick up trash.  Ok, here's what happened: We were in the car driving through Yellowstone, and I had just finished an apple.  I was patiently holding the apple core in my hand until we came to the next stop.  But, oh no, this type of stuff (apple cores) repulses the hubsters, so he suggested that I through it out the window.  I'm sorry ya'll, but I was fatigued and not thinking clearly, so I threw it out the window!  

Now, the kids (the one's who had just been sworn in as Junior Rangers of this beautiful park) called me out!  They chastised me so bad and told me they were going to tell a Ranger about what I had done and how they were going to have me arrested!  My own son would have me arrested, I couldn't believe it.  They were just giving me a hard time, but still, I felt like I knew better.  So, being the emotional creature that I am, I apologized, but my feelings were hurt that I did not set a good example in that moment and also my husband made me through the apple core out.  Yes yes yes!  I know he can't make me do anything, but he's the one who put the idea in my head.

At this point, I know you think I'm crazy, but let me assure you that I'm not.  I'm the type of person that follows the rules and once I learn something new, it gets in my spirit, and I don't let it go.  Lately, I've also been focused on what my son will remember when he is older.  Will his memories be of the good and funny times that we've had or will they be the not so good times.  Furthermore, how will these memories shape him?  Will they teach him what path to take in his adult life?  I'm still working on the answers to these questions, but here's what I do know: I was the butt of the memories from this trip and all the jokes for the remainder of this trip.  I'm sure he and the God-daughter will remember that moment.  I just pray they make a better choice!

I'm sure they'll also remember License Plate Bingo that took four days to find all the states that Dad carefully arranged for them, excessively passing gas, swimming, Trenton yelling at the bison in the road and almost getting our car pummeled, the lost key, and many more things.  I just want to make every moment with my son memorable, because there will be a day that I will have less and less of an opportunity to make new memories with him.

What are some fun family memories that you have?

P.S.  I pray that no bison or other animals were harmed as a result of my thrown out apple core!


  1. We're trying to decide between public school and Christian school and it's a really tough choice--with everything else that's changing right now, I feel like we need to make the right, God-inspired decision the first time! It's sooo hard. Good to know you were a successful product of public school! :)

  2. Things are so different now in regards to schooling. My husband went to Christian schools his whole life, so it was not even a second thought when it came to deciding for our son. We just enjoy the extra spiritual guidance alone, not to mention the level of the environment and the educators. I will be praying for guidance on your decision.


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