Thursday, February 17, 2011

Attempted Poetry

Please excuse this VERY first rough draft.  I have some thoughts swirling around my head and I had to get them out.  So here goes, straight from my journal...Let me know your thoughts and if you've ever felt the same way

colors don't seem as bright anymore
they're muted and muttled at best

laughter is nothing more than a cackling sound
happiness comes and goes as the wind blows
still seeking the joy of the Lord that I once had
i'm desperately searching for it...
and every time I think I've found it...
a little while later I feel as if I've been duped
i have a huge gaping hole in my chest that no one seems to notice
well....some people notice it, but they don't think much of it, i guess it's considered as a war wound
i look around and there's drops of blood everywhere

i look to heaven and see the Lamb who was slain for my benefit...
so that people could see Him and not the hole in my chest
but He sees my hole, and He restores me without trying to change me

Thanks so much for reading this!  Let me know what you think. 
Now that I read it through a second time, it sounds corny, lol, but like I said....straight from my journal!

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