Monday, October 3, 2011

Style Files: Vintage Sweater

First off, I'd like to remind/let you guys know that we have a giveaway going on at The Fab Life!  Click here for all the details on how to enter.  The contest closes on this Friday, October 7th at 5 p.m. CST.

Now, let's hop to it!  I must be butter because I'm on a roll!!!  Corny, huh???!!??

Sometimes, I feel silly when I try to recreate certain looks that I see around the net that look SO good on others, or I feel like a homeless lady trying to be fashionable.  Amongst many things, this weekend I unpacked my depressing fall/winter wardrobe.  I came up with two sweaters, a few sweater dresses (some sleeveless), and I have two pairs of jeans, and two pairs of leggings that I wear year round.  Please don't laugh or feel sorry for me.  I have a rare condition called, IHATESHOPPINGANDHAVEAHARDTIMEBUYINGANYTHINGFORMYSELF.  It's a very serious condition, that I've been praying on for a while.

Anyways, I was able to dig up a very cute vintage sweater, that I've rarely worn because I never knew what to pair it with, but this is what I came up with!  The hubsters said I looked like an 1800s school teacher, and most other people said I looked super professional.  They almost didn't recognize me.

I was also able to get my hair into a semi-ponytail since my hair has been natural.  Yay me!  I stole a friend of mine's signature style to achieve a pseudo-ponytail.  The problem is that the front part of my hair is shorter than the back, mix in the thickness, and it's hard to pull all of this into a decent ponytail.  Ho hum!!!

Photography by TrentMan

Sweater- from a friend's mother (Jos. A. Bank)
Pants- Express

What else can I wear this sweater with?  How would you style it?


  1. This is a beautiful sweater! What about layering it over one of your sweater dresses and leggings? That would be a fun casual look?

  2. Don't mind your husband it looks great :) I have glasses quite similar to yours :)

  3. @Style Journey- I LIKE that idea!

    @SaoirseD- Thanks sweetie! I've been having these glasses for a while, and I'm STILL trying to get used to them.

  4. Very sweet.... and professional! :)


  5. this post made me laugh out loud! but i really like the sweater! i love shopping but only for a short amount of time..i can't do like i used to! i like your hair too! very pretty...mine always looks like i just woke up...i am so not creative with it!

  6. Thanks Jess and Mrs. Pancakes!

    @Mrs. Pancakes- I'm not very creative either, I just try simple but different things to change it up a little bit.


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