Sunday, October 30, 2011

Project Pink Princess Peach Style!

Hey ya'll!  I have the distinct pleasure of teaming up with Marilyn at the Artsy Girl Connection and 50+ other bloggers to promote breast cancer awareness.  As women it's so easy to get caught up into everything and everyone else that we lose us.

Let me tell you about the life of a princess:  This post should've been done first thing this morning, but I woke up at 6:30 this morning dog tired, rushed to get to church and get everything prepped, taught 2-year-olds about self-control (go figure), ate lunch, prepared dinner, went back to church to prepare for a fun event for the kids.

Ladies, let's remember that without us, typically nothing else goes down, including but not limited to all the stuff I just listed.  This means that if we're not around, then who can cook dinner, plan the parties, budget, menu plan, taxi kids to soccer, make costumes, and more.  Our breast health is very important in ensuring that we're around to do all the things that we do for our families.  Please remember to do your monthly self breast exams and remind the other ladies in your lives.  Also, with the new 3-D technology, mammograms are able to detect abnormalities even easier and with more success.

It's ironic that I was invited to promote breast cancer awareness, as I was becoming Princess Peach.  I'm not much of a pink kind of girl, but tomorrow I will be decked out in ALL pink.  I'll post pictures.  Last year, my pastor started a new tradition called Light Night, which goes down tomorrow!  As the hands and feet of Jesus, we just want to shed a light on everything good and that glorifies the Son.  In honor of Light Night, I will be Princess Peach, and TrentMan will be Toad from Mario Kart.  I'm not really a pink kind of girl, but anything for my baby.

Now, that I've taken you all around the world with my thoughts, the moral of the story is to pay attention to your health and your breasts in particular!!!

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  1. Great post! So glad you are spreading the awareness of being healthy and taking care of ourselves. Can't wait to see your Princess and Mario outfits!


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