Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Judge Judy Justice

I have a boderline unhealthy addiction to Judge Judy.  There....I said it for the first time out loud.  It's not something I'm proud of, but I gotta have my Judge Judy every day from 4-5 p.m.  What can I say, she's funny, witty, no-nonsense, and I know her so well, that I can pretty much tell how the case is going to go.  Anyways, I'm not writing this post to talk about her per se, but a woman who was suing a friend.

Here's the story: these two ladies were great friends and attended the same church.  One friend became very depressed because things were not right in her life and she was in the middle of a divorce.  Sooooo, to make herself feel better she decides to spend thousands of dollars to go to South America for plastic surgery.  Talk about priorities, morals, and everything else!  So, while she's in South America recovering from her multiple plastic surgeries she realizes that she doesn't have any money to get back home to North America.  She calls on her good friend for help, and like a good friend, she wires her the money needed to get back home.  Somehow, Barbie, gets it in her mind that she doesn't owe her friend the money because she was just being nice and trying to help her out, so she ended up having to sue her.  Of course, Judge Judy decided that Barbie should pay for her own happiness and plastic surgery.  In the closing remarks, the lady said, "I still love her and would still like to be friends.  I just won't loan her any money.  I hope she doesn't let this stop her from coming to church, because she was doing so well..."  Wow!

If that had been me, her well-being, her salvation, her friendship would've been the last thing on my mind.  How selfish of me!!!  This episode was truly an eye-opener for me, and was a direct example of the fact that we need to start seeing people how God see's them.  Personally, I saw this lady as a triflin disillusioned heifer!  But how does God see her?  Beautiful, princess, and someone who has a bright future.  This one episode, just really reminded me that loving God's people needs to be of my utmost concern.  I mean, love is the main thing that He has called us to do.

What can you do to start seeing others how God sees them? 

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