Monday, August 8, 2011

The Ministry of Text Messaging

I used to despise technology.  I thought it was a way to make us broke and dependent, and what was wrong with the old way anyways???  The ease of downloading a song is wonderful, but what was wrong with CDs, or even 8-tracks and tapes for that matter?  I feel that it's okay to NOT be able to push a button and have all our dreams come true; it's okay to work a little bit for what we want, like getting up to change the channel from the TV versus using a handy remote from the couch.  Just kidding, but maybe we wouldn't have so many couch potatoes.  That's a thought!

Now, I've made peace with technology...even text messaging, which was at the top of my list for most annoying things.  My BFF is a prayer warrior, and so am I!  I think our friendship has strengthened each other's gifts and abilities to help others through prayer and intercession.  Text messaging has aided us a lot in our prayer missions; so I can't be too mad about the vehicle that has literally changed lives.  We don't always have time to pick up the phone and have a long involved conversation.  She is the mother of three small children all under the age of four, and she also has her plate full with work and being a help to her neighbors and family.  I am typically working, interacting with my son, spending time with the hubsters, or serving some where or someone.

So here's how it goes...either one of us may get some disheartening news about our own family unit, extended family, other friends, neighbor, church member, stranger, whoever, and we will just send that text message out with the details and ask each other to pray.  Typically as soon as I get or see her text, I'm on the horn to God pleading on someone's behalf.  Because I have the memory of an elephant, I'm usually thinking and praying about whatever it is that she sent me throughout the day.  Once we have a chance to chat, then we will talk about it in more detail, and pray again over the phone.  We've even been listening to the news or radio and hear about something going on in our communities or the world that strikes us to ask the other for prayer, and we'll get right on it.

The hubsters has even begun an informal way of ministering to others through text message.  He receives a Bible verse each day by text message, and he'll pray over that verse and its application and meaning.  Then he forwards that verse out to several people, a few of who that one little verse will be their only connection with God's word.  Many people have been blessed by those verses, and it's just a wonderful way to keep it at the forefront of our minds.

Please remember this: Prayer is your best defense against the devil and his attacks.  Prayer is how we communicate with our Saviour and keep our relationship strong.  So just continue to pray for yourself, your family and friends, your community, and your country!

How have you used technology to minister to others?  Do you have an active prayer life?

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