Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hair Styles Lead to Personality Indicators

No, this is not an empirical study (Ha Ha!), but I have found some connections between personality and hairstyles.  Here's what I've found out....

People who are meticulous, go above and beyond, and have a high attention to details love my hair in VERY defined hairstyles like a first day wash and go OR a highly defined (non-frizzy) twist-out.  They believe that every hair has its place!  The hubsters and Glenda, my friend from church fall into this category.

Those people who are all about fun, carefree, and total sweethearts love my hair big, fluffy, and all over the place.  I achieve this look by thoroughly detangling on dampened hair and doing chunky twists in no particular fashion all over my head.  In the morning (or a few hours later) I take the twists down and fluff my hair up at the roots with a wide tooth comb.  Cara, my friend from church, and Vonnie, my little cousin from Socialite Dreams fall into this category.

Some people are just laid back and kind of go with the flow.  For some reason, a lot of men fall into this category....giggles!  They love a nice blow out, maybe with some type of accessory.  My friends from church, Jason and Joel, definitely fall into this category.

Next, there are people who have a few personality traits from each category above.  They enjoy being wild, fun, and crazy, but not overboard, and they also enjoy a classic put together look, which for me is a puff.  The hubsters also falls into this category, as well as, my mom; my cousin, Shanteele; and ME!!!


Lately, I've been wearing my hair in a shrunken afro.  I'm kind of in a hair rut, and I'm trying not to fret so much over it.  I spritz a little of my water mixture, seal with extra virgin olive oil, and I fluff a tiny bit with my wide tooth comb.  Occasionally, I'll put some extra make up on, or a side part, or flower, to jazz up my look.  At night, I don't even bother twisting or braiding my hair to stretch it out, I just throw on a satin bonnet, let it shrink up, and be done!

Do you wear your hair in a certain way to please others?  What reactions do you get to certain hairstyles?


  1. Ooh! I like your hair in the last photo! I think it would look cute with a headband or a scarf?

    My hair is always straight, so when I curl it I get a lot of reaction. But I don't do my hair to please others at all. I do it for me :)

  2. my hair is just like me: acts according to its own mood. and I let it. Never have I done it for smoeone else, that's a no go. Don't like, then don't play in it or look lol. the only time i've "done it for someone else" is if I let my best friend do my hair because she wants to put it in a style that she's seen online or something

  3. Wow. Interesting. I wear my hair longer than I would choose, to please my husband. Apart from that, I don't care too much what other people think. I played that game for many years and there's no winner.

    Cute photos!

  4. @Style Journey- Thanks! I usually wear some sort of flower clip or headband.

    @socialitedreams- I know what you mean! If it's a special occasion, I will style my hair, just how LaMar likes it. He's not really too fussy though. Otherwise, I just like trying new things.

    @Jeanette- Thank you ma'am! The things we do for our men!

  5. Um...well...as meticulous and detail-oriented as I tend to be normally, my hair is not so much. I blow dry it for work and that's it. I don't have time to do much else to it. I don't even bother drying it on the weekends!

  6. I definitely feel the pressure from others (friends, family, work) to relax my hair. But even w the bad hair days and 'styles gone bad' moments, I honestly feel more like myself w my hair going every which way. It just fits me, and even goes better w my wardrobe, lol. So i'm going to continue ignoring all until I feel otherwise. Great post!

  7. @Melissa- Well, at least you're predictable

    @Good For Me- My hair does go better with my hair now! Sounds like you have a fun and wild side Nikia!!!!

    @D- Thanks!


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