Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekend in Review

TrentMan being silly!
Wow...this was an awesome weekend!  I'm talking beautiful, sunny, hot weather; lot's of free or low cost outdoor events, quality time with my son, and just enjoying the life God has given me.

Around my house, Friday is a "get some where and sit down" kind of day.  After working all week, it's just time to kick back, but there were lot's of FREE or low cost things going around town on Friday, such as, movie in the park and a full fledged City Market with produce, plants, jewelry, and much more.  We didn't do anything though, as I said: time to kick back.

On Saturday, LaMar (the hubsters) went off to school to take his finals.  Only two more quarters to go!  We are all so excited, but that leaves Trent and I to amuse each other for the day.  We were off to the library for their summer reading kick-off party (I'm sure your town has one too, check with your local library).  The best thing about this program is that the kids receive small prizes after reading five and ten books.  A Magic Waters ticket is the prize after reading only 15 books.  What an incentive, and it's all at no cost.  Also, just for signing up, Trenton got a t-shirt and they had activities for the kids.

After the kick-off party, we headed over to Riverview Park for a trolley ride and tour of Rockford, IL.  I don't know what it is, but I love a good ride and I like learning new things.  You can create a lot of fun right where you live, by going around your city like a tourist taking pictures of interesting architecture, visiting museums, and going to outdoor festivals.  We learned a lot about travel by rail in the area from the late 1800s to the mid 1900s.  By this time, we were exhausted from being out in the heat for four hours!  Trent Man fell asleep on the ride and it didn't help that his allergies were flaring up; poor baby!

We went home to freshen up for a wedding....I LOVE weddings!  Trenton was so reluctant to go, he just did not want to sit still and he didn't want to get dressed up.  I had to remind him that Jesus performed His first miracle at a wedding that He attended with his mom.  Trenton kindly let me know that he was not Jesus; so I allowed him to sit in my office since the wedding was at our church.

A couple from our Bible study got married, and it was a beautiful traditional wedding.  The colors were black and that popular bright teal color.  Gorgeous!

Sunday, of course, is a day of worship for my family.  So, that begins with church where I also work in the Children's Ministry.  We are very busy with planning for VBS and our new Summer curriculum, Holy Grill.  We try to make it as fun and interactive for the kids so that they don't get bored, but they also get God's word in their spirit.

My men went off to the Rockford Air Show, where they saw various military jets and planes do stunts, and they also got to tour some of the aircraft as well.  I took a nap!

This entire weekend only cost us $35.50, not only did we have a blast, but I was able to soak up some much needed mother-son time.  I pray he will remember these moments when he is older.

What did you do this weekend?

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